Why do we find period dramas so romantic?

Period dramas seem to be timeless.

It often feels that Film and TV studios will never get tired of adapting classic novels of the 1700s, 1800s, and early 1900s. But have you ever wondered what makes period dramas so popular and why we find them so romantic?

While dating traditions have changed since the times that stories of period dramas usually took place in, a lot of women that you can come across on YourBrides.com are definitely fans of this or that period drama.

While it may seem nothing but a pure nostalgia, that may seem unreasonable, as period dramas often show the times that may seem the age of blossoming racism and sexism to viewers of the 21st century, there is something more about period dramas. Let’s figure out the main reasons why we are fascinated with period dramas that much.

The Nostalgia Effect

Of course, we cannot avoid nostalgia when talking about period dramas. Somehow we always manage to get fascinated by the bygone epochs, as well as the vanished traditions, manners, and the way people spoke.

Also, as the people living in the time when we were generally not only spoiled by information but corrupted by knowledge, which often causes paranoia and belief in the conspiracy theories, we genuinely enjoy observing the charming, naive consciousness of characters of the period drama. And the belief that things were better in the past, comparing to their state nowadays, gives as a desire to have at least a glimpse of what life was at that time.

The Love Stories

The tendencies to believe that past was better eventually leads to believe that love was purer, despite the fact that many characters had to be married to those whom they didn’t love and had to suffer in secret from being separated from their perfect matches. But guess we like to observe turbulent and hopeless romance full of passion.

Moreover, we prefer watching closely the intrigues that unveil around those stories. And definitely, we prefer watching those love triangles which seem almost impossible in modern days. All in all, we often think that it is impossible to love the way the characters in period dramas love each other. But most of those period dramas show that love is as immortal as the period dramas themselves.

The Immortal Character Traits

Speaking about immortality, the stories, plots, and character traits in period dramas are truly immortal. That’s why we cannot justify the popularity of period dramas simply by the nostalgia effect. The actual reason why we are so fascinated by period dramas is that while the plot unfolds in another century, while the traditions are completely different from nowadays, and while the characters wear corsets, we cannot help but recognize ourselves in the period dramas’ characters.

That’s what really makes period dramas immortal. That’s the reason why they are constantly being adapted for TV and movie screens. That’s why we find them some peculiar, and that’s why we find them so romantic. While the idea that we haven’t evolved much during the past three centuries may not seem that romantic, with the thought that things in past were better, the realization that nothing has changed tastes rather sweet.