Why is Black Lives Matter the best choice for a Civil Rights essay

It goes without saying that every country has a different set of rules and requirements for people who share the same territory.

However, civil rights laws are now very similar in many countries across the globe. Are you aware of your civil rights?

Understanding these rights and writing an essay about them are entirely different things. In this article, you will discover how to write about civil rights on the example of an essay on Black Lives Matter. You will find practical tips on how to structure your essay; as well as you will learn about the Black Lives Matter movement which is the best topic, when it comes to protecting and standing for civil rights.

What are the main principles to write essays on civil rights?

Before you start your writing process about civil rights, you have to organize a few things in the right places. Such preparation will be a guarantee to do a productive job. If you write an essay on civil rights for the first time, you should prepare an outline, which will serve you like a map.

Make sure that it includes the most critical details, which you want to deliver to your reader by means of your essay. The right outline always holds the introduction, the primary topic to cover, the body, and the conclusion. When you write the introduction for your civil rights movement essay, you must explain what civil rights are.

You will not find a better example than the Black Lives Matter movement. Use only relevant and trustworthy information in case other students will use your essay as a source of information, or your essay will be published in a journal.

After coming up with the outline, you need to settle down the topic. You will easier choose the right topic once you have a thesis statement. We recommend you to start with a broad topic, and when you proceed with your writing to narrow down to the desired niche. Make sure that our thesis statement holds the main idea (in our case, civil rights).

What topic should you cover in your civil rights essay?

You will agree that the civil rights subject is vast. Every day new and new adjustments are applied to the civil laws. All the past and present events make a significant impact on the fight for civil rights in the world. Below, you will find some ideas for your civil rights movement essay:

  • What is the history of civil rights?
  • How do civil rights affect economics?
  • What are the most critical individuals?
  • The role of Martin Luther King. Jr and his contribution?
  • What is the future of civil rights?
  • How do civil rights differ now and in the past?

If you need to clear ideas of what your essay should be about, we offer you to write about the Black Lives Matter movement. It is a group of people who try to stop the brutality of the police. They fight for equal treatment for people of different colors. They do not claim that the lives of African American people are more important than the lives of other races.

They spread the information that black lives are in danger due to violent police interaction. There have been many incidents when the police were killing black people or assaulting even women and teenagers. These people fight for their rights, and we should support them.

Working on an essay on civil rights, you can ask for assistance from other students who have done such college assignments before. Also, get in contact with people who belong to such civil rights movements and ask about their opinion. Seeking for help of someone more experienced is a worthwhile decision.


In your essay, you must provide clear information, which spreads the light on our collective civil rights activism. Motivate young people to join the civil rights movements. You should search on the internet for the most prominent activists who fight for people’s rights across the globe. You will be impressed to discover their contribution. We hope that you have the idea on how to write a civil rights essay. Do your best to integrate both the past and present events in your work. Use only reliable and informative sources of information.