3 actors who could appear in ‘Peaky Blinders’ sooner than we think

Peaky Blinders has gained support from around the world, with a host of celebrity fans admitting to being fans of the BBC period drama.

The list of names is endless, and if anything, since the release of season five, it has grown. But, could we see the show follow the trend set by Game of Thrones and cast a well-known face in the next season?

Game of Thrones broke the internet last year when fans were treated to a glimpse of Ed Sheeran during a scene. The global star was seamless in the scene and was just singing before muttering a line.

It is difficult to see Peaky Blinders going down that specific route since it is cooler than that, but there is a flock of Hollywood A-listers lining up to be involved. But, who is the most likely to appear?


Morgan Freeman

One actor that has continuously been linked with a cameo for Peaky Blinders is Morgan Freeman. He admitted to being a huge fan of British dramas during a television interview in the USA and stated that Peaky Blinders was the best of them.

Freeman would bring with him a wealth of talent, and the prospect of seeing Freeman alongside Cillian Murphy would be a treat for all. Whether he would be a good guy or a bad guy would be up for debate, but either way, it would make a spectacle that everybody would tune in for.


Steven Graham

Steven Graham has already been in one of the biggest shows over the past 12 months and has also been involved in another critically acclaimed mafia-style show.

His performances in Line of Duty cemented his position as one of the best British actors around at the minute, while his portrayal of Al Capone in Boardwalk Empire could make for an interesting tie-over.

Birmingham native and creator of the show, Steven Knight, has already confirmed that he has written a character for the upcoming series, and he would love Graham to play that character. Timing would be the one aspect that could prove difficult, as his stock is likely to grow further once his performance in Martin Scorsese flick The Irishman has captivated audiences around the world.


Brad Pitt

Knight has continuously mentioned actors that are now reaching out to him, offering their services for the show, and actors that have also hailed the true historical references that are made in Peaky Blinders.

One of those that has asked for a casting is superstar Brad Pitt. Knight revealed that Pitt asked for a role, and he has opened the door slightly, saying that celebrity actors may be involved in season six should the right role come up. The prospect of seeing Pitt on the Peaky Blinders is an exciting formula that could be guaranteed to excel.

Any one of these three superstars would be a welcome addition to the Peaky cast and could see the show continue to go from strength to strength.