5 of the best British TV shows to help with homework

Television and homework are not two words you will find used positively in the same sentence.

In the UK, most parents have a hard time controlling their kids’ TV watching habits. Educators, on the other hand, complain that a lot of TV has long term negative impacts on the child.

While television and homework are not two words you will find used positively in the same sentence, things are now changing.

Content developers have heeded to calls by educational experts and child psychologists to create educational content that can help kids study. If your child needs homework help, there are TV shows that can help.

This article explores some of the best TV shows that can help children with their homework assignments. Keep reading.

  1. Octonauts

It might not look like an educational TV show until you get the gist of it. The show has a troupe of random animals led by a bear, a cat and a penguin who are on a mission to rescue animals in the ocean. It is a great way for kids to understand more about marine life and solve questions associated with such topics.

  1. Deadly 60, CBBC

Kids who want to understand more about animals will find this show a great complement to their studies. The show covers the world’s most dangerous animals and is an eye opener for learners struggling with science homework. If your child has a problem identifying different animals, they should start watching this show.

  1. Dora the Explorer, Nick Jnr

This show is popular with kids and for a good reason. It is all about exploration and learning and if your child has a problem with homework, they will find it great. There’s an adventure on every episode and while at it, Dora will ask the audience to help solve puzzles. Kids will learn more about numbers, shapes, letters, colours, and Spanish words along the way.

  1. Peg Plus Cat

Maths is not the easiest subject for most learners and in this interesting TV show, kids can start enjoying maths homework by watching the characters do it. There’s aukulele playing Peg who stumbles on unique maths problems and works slowly to solve them.  Kids will learn the easy tricks of solving math problems and they can apply these skills to their homework.

  1. Horrible Histories

It is not easy to teach history and as a parent, you will have a hard time trying to explain major historical events to your child. Well, Horrible Histories solves this problem by informing kids of historical events in an interesting way. The historical sketch show goes to details on such events and shows everything including fake blood and gore. If your kid has a hard time understanding what the First World War is all about, an episode of the same on Horrible Histories will help them.

British TV is a rich reservoir of educational content that can help children with their homework. These shows have the approval of the government and the developers go to great lengths to verify facts. If your kid needs further help with homework, they can find a homework helper and other homework resources at Assignment Geek.