‘Before Dawn’ preview: First look at new Australian movie set in First World War

An epic new World War I movie is heading to our screens.

Telling the story of a fictional WA outback kid and his battalion on the Western Front, Before Dawn is based on real-life war diaries.

Director and co-writer Jordan Prince-Wright has described the upcoming Australian film as “a story I could not shy away from.”

“It was many years ago I had the opportunity to read diaries from soldiers who served during WW1,” he recalled. “Learning about the incredible victories and determination of these soldiers to serve their countries and above all hope to return home.”

“With support from an incredible cast and crew, we have been able to bring this historical epic to life on the silver screen, sharing an important chapter of history with audiences around the world,” Prince-Wright said.

He revealed that it’s “a story that I truly believe will connect with audiences emotionally, leaving the cinema with a new look on servicemen and women and the true loss that comes with war.”

The movie’s official Facebook page has posted this sneak peek:

The film actually wrapped production way back in August 2021, but has only just found a distribution company to deal with its worldwide sales rights.

It looks Before Dawn will now finally be released in 2024.

Leading the ensemble cast are Australian actors Levi Miller (Pan, A Wrinkle In Time), Travis Jeffery (Gallipoli, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes), Ed Oxenbould (Wildlife), Myles Pollard (X-Men), Jordan Dulieu (One Night), and Stephen Peacocke (Hercules, Me Before You).

Here’s another look behind the scenes:

“Jim Collins (Levi Miller), a young man from the outback, leaves his family-run sheep station to join the soldiers on the western front with hopes of making a difference,” the official synopsis tells us.

“Soon, the realities of the muddy, ruthless, and entirely unforgiving war take their toll on a guilt-ridden Jim. As the men in the battalion are whittled away and hope becomes a distant memory, a final chance at redemption comes in one of Australia’s greatest battles; Jim must risk death or forever carry the burden of leaving yet another man behind.”