Poll: What are the best British period drama movies ever? Vote here!

We love a good list here at BritishPeriodDramas.com and this time we’re aiming big!

This summer we want to discover the most popular British period drama movies of all time.

We’ve racked our brains to compile an epic list of 100 films, but now it’s over to you to decide which ones are the best.

You can vote for as many movies as you like from the list of options below.

Just tick every one you’ve enjoyed and click ‘vote’ at the end, then we’ll do the maths later this year!

What are your favourite British period drama movies of all time?

Sorry if some of your favourites are missing – we tried to include as wide a range of movies as possible. (Message us on Facebook if we’ve forgotten any big ones!)

We’ve defined a period drama as anything set in a period up to the end of the 20th century, made at least a decade after the historical period in which the movie is set.

Voting will close at midnight GMT at the end of 5th February 2021 and we’ll reveal the full countdown list soon after!