‘Blackadder’ revival: Original cast planning to make a brand new season

It looks like Blackadder could be the next classic TV show to make a surprise return!

Written by Richard Curtis (Love Actually) and Ben Elton (Upstart Crow), the iconic BBC sitcom began in June 1983.

Four full seasons of Blackadder were made, each set in a different historical period. Three specials followed, the most recent airing on New Year’s Eve in 1999.

It’s been reported this week that original stars Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie have agreed to revive the show.

The group met together at the Soho House members club in London, The Sun claims.

The planned new season will apparently be set in the modern day, featuring the latest incarnation of Edmund Blackadder as a university lecturer.

The newspaper’s source said: “They were all having a great laugh and they are all old friends. So they just said, ‘Yes, let’s do it’. It is being written now. Rowan has been saying he is extremely excited.”

They added: “It will be in the modern day. Blackadder will be a lot older, of course, so they’ve come up with the ageing university lecturer idea. Curtis and Atkinson have discussed guest appearances from stars such as Tom Hardy and Russell Brand.”

Blackadder co-creator Richard Curtis kicked off the rumours last week.

Promoting his new movie Yesterday, the writer commented: “The thing about Blackadder was, it was a young man’s show criticising older people, saying how stupid those in authority were. So I did once think, ‘If we ever did anything again, it should be Blackadder as a teacher in a university, about how much we hate young people.'”

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