You won’t believe how much the bedrooms in ‘Bridgerton’ are worth

If you were planning to give your bedroom a Bridgerton makeover, you might want to start saving up!

Based on the bestselling novels by Julia Quinn, Netflix’s new historical romance series premiered last month and received great reviews from critics.

Bridgerton follows eight close-knit siblings as they look for love and happiness in Regency London high society.

The eight-part series is incredibly stylish, from the lavish costumes to the stunning locations, and Bed Guru has just revealed the estimated value of a bedroom interior featured in the show.


Expert antique appraisers at David Duggleby told Bed Guru that the bedrooms featured in Bridgerton could each be worth up to eight grand today!

The UK-based antique valuer estimated that if all the Bridgerton interior props were real, they’d be valued at over £8,000.

The valuation included an early 19th-century French bedstead upholstered in cream Damask fabric (£1,000-1,500), an Aubusson early 19th-century blue ground carpet (around £1000-1,500), a Regency period giltwood and gesso mirror with beveled plate (around £500-700), a pair of early 19th-century French armchairs with Damask upholstery (around £800-1,200), and an early 19th century French Kingwood and walnut serpentine chest (around £300-500).

Bridgerton is set in 1813, two years after the Regency era came to fruition in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Characterised by distinctive trends in British architecture, literature, fashions, politics, and culture, the Regency era in the UK was a period at the end of the Georgian era, when George, Prince of Wales, governed the country as ‘Regent’, because of his father being declared as unfit to rule in 1811.

This era’s furniture style can be described as dark, elegant and flamboyant.

There was good news for fans this week it was confirmed that a second season will begin production this spring!

Bridgerton has been a huge hit for Netflix, reaching the Number 1 spot as the streaming service’s most-viewed series upon its release.

Season 2 will hopefully premiere on Netflix this Christmas.

Julia Quinn has written eight books in the Bridgerton series, published between 2000 and 2013, and her novels have been translated into 29 different languages.

The Bridgerton novels are available on Amazon.