‘Carnival Row’ creator hints at ‘seismic change’ and new creatures in Season 2

The creator of Carnival Row has been chatting about the upcoming second season.

Set in a Victorian fantasy world filled with mythological immigrant creatures, the series launched on Amazon in August.

Carnival Row stars Orlando Bloom (Pirates of the Caribbean) and British model turned actress Cara Delevingne as police detective Philo and rebellious faerie Vignette.

The complete first season can be viewed on Amazon Prime now and production recently began on another eight episodes.

Hinting at what’s in store when the show returns, Carnival Row creator Travis Beacham told The Verge: “At the end of Season 1, all of our characters are in completely different circumstances than they started the show. And that also includes the Burge itself.

“The change the city goes through in the eighth and final episode is so seismic that it really sets off Season 2. It would not be possible to tell the story that we’re telling in season 2 without that change.”

Beacham also revealed that the creative team will be introducing lots of new fantasy creatures: “We’re looking at different varieties of pucks and fairies — different horn shapes and different wing shapes, races within races.

“But beyond that, you’re going to get some creatures that are our version of elves, and some creatures that would be goblin-like, and a host of other things. The menagerie of the world is really going to expand in Season 2, quite a lot.”

Discussing the second season’s direction, executive producer Marc Guggenheim added: “The political angle is going to be explored a different way. The one thing we’re looking at is never exactly duplicating what’s happening in the real world — not doing an Animal Farm kind of analogue where it’s one-to-one this-to-that, but creating a situation that seems to be speaking to the real world.

“…we want to tackle the issues that are currently in the real world, but in our own way, in a way that’s true to the characters we’ve set up. We might have a questionable political leader who is vastly unqualified for the job he holds. You can draw your own conclusions from that.”

Season 2 is expected to premiere in late 2020.

Carnival Row is available to watch on Amazon Prime.