‘Dodger’ future confirmed: Will ‘Oliver Twist’ prequel be back for Season 2?

The BBC has confirmed if Dodger will be returning.

Set in the world of Oliver Twist before the events of Charles Dickens’ classic novel, the BBC’s new series for kids launched earlier this year.

Dodger follows the exploits of the infamous pickpocket, The Artful Dodger and his gang as they find ingenious ways to survive the grim and exploitative conditions of early Victorian London in the 1830s.

Described as a “funny, optimistic, fast-paced comedy drama full of jeopardy,” all ten 45-minute episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

The series was a hit with viewers and critics when it premiered in February, with The Telegraph calling it “a boisterous and amusing drama that will get the kids into Dickens.”

They added in their 4-star review: “CBBC channels the energy of Horrible Histories into this daft Oliver Twist spin off.”

Well, the BBC has listened to fans’ shouts of “Please, sir, may I have some more?” and renewed Dodger for more episodes!

While we’re not getting a full second season as such, it’s been announced that there will be three brand new 45-minute specials.

Billy Jenkins (The Crown) is expected to return as the titular Dodger, alongside former Doctor Who actor Christopher Eccleston as Fagin.

Eccleston previously commented: “As a child, as much as I adored the films, I wasn’t that interested in Oliver Twist. Because of my council estate background, I always wanted to know what happened to Fagin and the kids and how they survived.

He explained: “[The writers] have taken those characters and created a whole new set of back stories. Through Fagin and the gang, they look at the reality of what it was like to be the underclass in Dickensian London.”

Watch the trailer:


The three new Dodger specials will premiere in the UK in 2023 on CBBC and BBC iPlayer.

Charles Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist is available on Amazon.