‘Downton Abbey: A New Era’ reviews round-up: Sequel ‘for the fans’ is a ‘triumph’

The first reviews are in for the new Downton Abbey movie!

Based on ITV’s hit period drama series, the much-anticipated sequel follows the massive success of the first film back in 2019.

Set in 1928, Downton Abbey: A New Era sees our beloved characters embark on a lavish trip to the South of France where they must uncover the mystery of the Dowager Countess’ newly inherited villa.

We’re also promised a wedding, and plenty of drama when a Hollywood film crew arrive at the Abbey!

Watch the trailer:


Downton Abbey: A New Era arrives in UK cinemas this Friday, with its US release just a few weeks later on Friday 20th May.

Take a look at our complete guide to the international release dates here.

We’ve rounded up a spoiler-free selection of reviews to help you decide if you’d like to watch the movie:


“Part of the joy felt in this half of the puzzle comes from the newcomers to the Downton Abbey legacy … Downton Abbey: A New Era embraces the series’ history, while also laying a path forward.” ★★★★ – CinemaBlend


“Despite the promise of sweeping change in its title, Downton Abbey: A New Era is very much more of the same, which will be just fine with devotees of the long-running PBS hit.” – Hollywood Reporter


“The new Downton Abbey movie is very much the escape we all desperately need right now, a world you and your mum will enjoy spending time in.”- Mamamia


“Still ludicrously sentimental and formulaic, but Dame Maggie Smith’s a treat.” ★★★ – Evening Standard


“Plenty of surprises and an iconic moment to savour … The luxury soap opera’s second feature-length spin-off ticks all the right boxes.” – The Telegraph


“Plenty of cozy but not much drama in this for-fans-only sequel. – The Wrap


“Fellowes gives us an affectionate group hug, which is effectively what these encore visits amount to.” – Variety


“As ever, it is all presented as a glossy visual feast but unlike the first Downton movie, The New Age actually looks cinematic, with director Simon Curtis (husband to leading lady Elizabeth McGovern) capturing vivid panoramic views of the awe-inspiring Highclere Castle and the French Riviera with a degree of splendour.” – RTE


“…as hammy, silly, and undeniably entertaining as ever.” ★★★ – The Guardian


“Whether this is to be the Crawleys’ final engagement remains to be seen, but it’s hard to imagine a more perfect note upon which to end the series. With a fond, unashamedly sentimental send-off that sees the family heading into the 1930s “with heads held high”, this genuinely feels like the end of an era.” ★★★ – Empire


Downton Abbey: A New Era will satisfy fans of the original series, serving up a pair of storylines that have fun and heart in equal measure … Does the world really need another Downton Abbey movie? Some might argue it does not, but first and foremost, this remains a film for the fans. As such, Downton Abbey: A New Era is a triumph.” ★★★★ – ScreenRant


Fans can also enjoy the brand new official Downton podcast, featuring “exclusive interviews and unrivalled behind-the-scenes access.”

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