‘Downton Abbey’ creator Julian Fellowes gives advice for aspiring writers

Julian Fellowes has revealed his tips for older aspiring writers.

Taking part in a webchat with The Guardian, the Downton Abbey creator was asked: “What’s your advice for writers who want to break through in their 50s? Give up?”

Fellowes replied: “It sounds feeble but you have to write. Not talk about writing and think about writing. And you have to write even when you don’t feel like it.

“And don’t show anyone anything if you still feel like you need to qualify it. You should never hear yourself saying, “I know chapter 3 doesn’t really work yet…”

The Gosford Park writer added: “Everyone turned [American screenwriter] Bob Altman’s idea – Tom Stoppard, Christopher Hampton – and then he got to the end of the line. I’d written one script for one of his producers and that’s how I got the break. It was so random.

“I was used to banging my head against a brick wall and when it turned into a door no one was more surprised than me.”

The much-anticipated Downton Abbey movie starts filming next year.