‘Downton Abbey’ movie’s cut scene reveals big life change for Bates and Anna

Mr Bates and Anna originally shared a life-changing moment in the Downton movie.

The hit film reunited almost the entire cast of ITV’s period drama series when it arrived in cinemas in 2019.

Fan favourites Joanne Froggatt and Brendan Coyle returned as married couple John and Anna Bates, but the pair had disappointingly little interaction.

With so many characters battling for screen time, this couldn’t be helped.

Interestingly, a major moment for the Bates family was filmed, but didn’t survive the final edit!

Luckily for us, a deleted scenes on the DVD release has revealed what we missed out on seeing in the cinema.

The scene opens with Bates and Anna together in the kitchen at night.

Anna says: “I’ve been thinking … our bed and breakfast hotel, could it be in Downton village?”

“But most of the houses are run by the estate,” points out Bates.

“There are some that aren’t and that way, we’ll never lose touch,” replies Anna.

Bates jokingly adds: “With Lady Mary?”

“With the Abbey and all know live in it. We could even run it from here, if we want. What do you say?” asks Anna.

“That your wish shall be my command,” he loving responds, as he prepares to kiss her.

“Someone might come in!” exclaims Anna.

“Let them see what true love looks like,” Bates says.

Anna replies: “Let them see what true love is.”

Could this hint at the couple’s future in the upcoming second movie?

Or will this development be ignored as it didn’t make it into the finished film?

As much as we’d love to see Bates and Anna remain working at Downton forever, it’d be wonderful to see them building their own life in the village together.

Perhaps their hotel could be a rival for Mrs Patmore’s B&B, which featured in the show’s sixth season, but was not mentioned in the movie?

We’ll find out when the Downton sequel is released!

The Downton Abbey movie is available on DVD on Amazon.