‘Downton Abbey’ movie sequel could happen if the first one is a hit

The Downton Abbey movie isn’t even out yet, but talk has already turned to sequel plans.

The period drama’s first big screen outing is set for release this autumn, with (nearly) all the TV show’s main cast reprising their roles.

Set in 1927, the film completed production in November and a trailer was unveiled last month.

In very exciting news, Downton star Jim Carter has discussed the possibility of a sequel.

The 70-year-old actor, who plays Mr Carson, told The Telegraph: “…I guess if it goes down well and if it’s a genuine success, I’m sure people will entertain that thought.”

Carter also revealed that the movie’s increased budget will definitely be visible on screen: “The women’s clothes in the film are off the scale, unbelievable.

“It’s a film so everything is revamped, everything is just a bit bigger.”

He explained why the world of Downton Abbey is perfectly suited for movies: “[The TV series] had cinematic qualities to it.

“And it’s not a cynical exercise in making money, I think there was a genuine desire from people to see a film and that didn’t seem to be dying down so we thought, well, it seems perverse in a way not to do it if people really want to see it.”

The Downton Abbey movie will arrive in cinemas this September.

Cast members including Allen Leech (Tom Branson) and Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) have been giving some hints about what’s coming up for their characters.

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