‘Downton Abbey’ sequel: Producer says ‘there are other stories to tell’

The Downton team would “all love to do” another movie, according to the show’s producer.

Based on ITV’s hit period drama series, the Downton Abbey film was finally released in September and is currently showing in cinemas around the world.

The movie has already made $135.4 million (£110 million) worldwide, topping the box office in the UK and the US.

In unsurprising but very welcome news, it was revealed this week that writer Julian Fellowes “has been told to start putting pen to paper on the follow-up.”

Discussing the possibility of another chapter for Downton Abbey, producer Liz Trubridge recently told Her: “There are other stories to tell here, and of course – yeah, I think we would all be up for doing another one if it was right.

“It’d be great to do another one. It’s something, I think, that we’d all love to do.”

There are certainly plenty of story threads ready to be continued in a second movie.

The film established new relationships for Tom Branson with Lucy Smith and Thomas Barrow with Richard Ellis – plus, of course, there’s the fate of Lady Violet following her shocking revelation at the end of the first movie.

Trubridge added: “It’s a horrible cliché to say, but we genuinely have all become a family – we’ve been together for so long now, and it was great to come back together.”

Let’s just hope we don’t have as long to wait as last time!

We’ve compiled a list of 20 fun facts about the first film here.

The Downton Abbey movie is available to pre-order on DVD on Amazon.