‘Downton Abbey’ star promises that movie won’t kill off fans’ favourite characters

Don’t panic, it looks like the Downton Abbey cast will all survive in the long-awaited movie!

The 61-year-old actress played housekeeper Mrs Hughes in all six seasons of the hit period drama.

The Downton Abbey movie was officially announced in 2017.

Filming is rumoured to begin in May, but there’s still no sign of a release date.

However, speaking at the Television Critics Awards winter press tour, Logan reassured Downton fans: “It’s not dead in the water by any means, but then I’m waiting for the call.”

She explained: “There is a script floating around, but I think they’re waiting until it’s sort of finalised before any of us get a proper look at it… There’s an appetite for it with all the fans. There’s definitely an appetite for it. I think if it was approached and dealt with in the right way, it could be really good.”

Following the reaction of Downton viewers to the heartbreaking deaths of Matthew and Sybil, Logan has promised fans that she doesn’t expect the movie to kill off any more characters: “I don’t think [writer] Julian Fellows would want to disappoint his fans in that way by turning it into a sort of Shakespearean tragedy.”

Downton Abbey: The Complete Collection is available to buy now.

Phyllis Logan’s new ITV drama Girlfriends became a hit in the UK last month.

She recently described Downton Abbey as “one of the best gigs of my life”.