‘Downton Abbey’ stars say who their characters would be in ‘Friends’

Ever wondered which Friends characters the folks at Downton Abbey would be?

We can’t say we have either, to be honest!

But Downton stars Michelle Dockery and Allen Leech were asked this question in a recent video Q&A for IMDB and we love their answers.

Dockery responded: “I think Mary would most relate to Monica. She’s a bit of a control freak!”

Leech said: “I think Branson would probably see himself as a bit of a Phoebe.”

He explained: “You know, a complete outsider. Everyone thinks he’s a bit weird!”

The pair were also asked which cocktails they would serve at a Downton Abbey viewing party.

Dockery (of course) recommended: “I would suggest a Bloody Mary!”

Leech suggested: “I think you should have a selection. Don’t be cheap or else people won’t come back to your next party. I would have a gin gimlet and then try something old-school, something old-fashioned…”

Dockery added: “…like an a Negroni.”

So now you know what to drink next time you’re watching the show!

Plans are already underway on a second Downton film, with executive producer Gareth Neame hoping that “within the next year to two years, we will be making another one.”

The Downton Abbey movie is available on DVD on Amazon.