Watch two ‘Downton Abbey’ stars recap all six seasons in 10 minutes!

The release of the new Downton movie is finally just round the corner.

Following several unexpected delays, the long-awaited Downton Abbey: A New Era finally arrives in cinemas very soon.

The upcoming sequel follows the huge success of the first film back in 2019, itself a continuation of ITV’s hit period drama series.

Set in 1928, the second movie’s plot sees our beloved characters embark on a lavish trip to the South of France where they must uncover the mystery of the Dowager Countess’ newly inherited villa.

Downton Abbey: A New Era will be released in UK cinemas on Friday 29th April, before arriving in US theatres on Friday 20th May.

The full list of international release dates for most other countries was recently revealed too.

To prepare audiences for our grand return to the world of Downton Abbey, the show’s official Facebook page has shared a wonderful video recapping the events of the TV series.

The ten-minute video is hosted by Jim Carter and Phyllis Logan, best known as Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes.

Carter begins: “Have you not seen Downton Abbey yet? Or perhaps you need a refresher?”

Watch the recap here:


Hinting at what’s to come in the new movie, Logan teases: “Now, as for the future of Downton Abbey, as it soars into a new era, no one knows for sure.”

She adds: “But through wars, pandemics,and bankruptcies, as well as small celebrations to grand pageantries, the house still stands proudly. And as the family grows, and the staff come and go, it’s your guess as good as ours what could happen next…”

Mr Molesley actor Kevin Doyle has done a recap video for the first Downton movie too!

While you wait for the movie’s release, why not have a listen to the brand new Downton podcast?

Featuring “exclusive interviews and unrivalled behind-the-scenes access” to the hit period drama’s cast and creative team, Downton Abbey: The Official Podcast launched last month.

Downton Abbey: The Complete Collection box set is available on DVD on Amazon.