‘Downton Abbey’ writer refused to accept story ideas from the cast and fans

Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes has revealed he didn’t let suggestions from fans or the show’s cast influence his scripts.

Fellowes wrote all 52 episodes of the hit British period drama series himself.

The writer told The Straits Times: “Fans have actually sent me their suggestions over the years and some have been quite persistent. Someone really wanted Mary to marry Tom Branson, and various other things.

“I appreciate people writing to me and it’s nice that they’re so invested in this, but I think it would be a dangerous route to start allowing them to call the tune, so it’s one that I would resist.”

Fellowes also divulged that Downton cast members would sometimes suggest stories for their characters, but he didn’t make changes for them.

He explained: “They would [ask], occasionally. I would listen to an actor’s complaint if they didn’t like a storyline or a speech, but I’m afraid to say that I wouldn’t usually change anything for them.

“I think that if I did that, things would quickly get out of hand and you need to have one person at the control of the narrative. You’ve got to have someone behind the wheel, or it all comes off track.”

The Downton Abbey movie is due to start filming in 2018.

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