‘Endeavour’ fans were in tears praising ’emotional’ last ever episode

Endeavour has come to an end and it’s safe to say that fans are feeling pretty emotional!

It’s eleven years since Shaun Evans debuted as the young Inspector Morse in a one-off prequel film to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the character’s television debut.

Nine seasons and 36 feature-length episodes later, viewers in the UK said their goodbyes to Evans as Morse last night, alongside Roger Allam’s DCI Fred Thursday, Anton Lesser’s CS Reginald Bright, Sean Rigby’s DS Jim Strange, Abigail Thaw’s Dorothea Frazil, and Sara Vickers’ Joan Thursday.

Set in 1972, ‘Exeunt’ aired on ITV1 on Sunday 12th March, with Endeavour’s investigation into a number of untimely death notices in the Oxford Mail forcing him to confront his own mortality.

Endeavour‘s final season hasn’t yet aired in the US – it’ll premiere later this year on Sunday nights on PBS as part of their Masterpiece Mystery strand – so we’ll carefully avoid spoilers for now.

Here are some of the reactions fans shared on Twitter following the last ever episode’s broadcast:

“Thankyou for writing such a wonderful series; the last episode was magnificent! An achievement to be proud of, and it will be remembered for many many years to come, I’m sure,” wrote @Kathy_Siney_Art.

@EmilyHodko shared: “Goodbye #Endeavour. You’ve been a constant in my life for the last 11 years. Through my A-Levels, three Degrees, moves to new cities. Sitting down as a family on a Sunday to watch it, curling up in front of my laptop at uni, or watching whilst away on contracts. Mind how you go.”

“I wasn’t sure it could be done… But wow. Tears, nothing but tears,” wrote @MrAlecDeacon. “Quite frankly it could not have been better.”

He wasn’t the only one crying, as @JoMatth51559793 confirmed: “Was so sad about Morse ending. Took me a while to convince myself it was worth watching Endeavour and yet here I am crying snotty tears at that ending.”

“I spent most of the last 20 minutes with tears in my eyes,” said @hurleyfunbags.

@seutendeern agreed, writing: “My glasses were tearstained by the end of the episode. Honestly, #Endeavour has been the most emotional series I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch.”

@TashaMahal paid tribute to the show’s whole creative team, saying: “Thanks to all of you at #Endeavour for ten years of excellence, devotion to your craft, and commitment to your audience. What an incredible journey with a remarkable and remarkably talented group of people. Bon chance, good luck to all, mind how you go (wherever that takes you).”

Many fans were impressed with the way the episode tied together years of storylines, as @PrestwichJosh noted here: “It’s not often I clap anything on TV, but the last episode of #Endeavour got a full-on round of applause. I don’t think everything in that was planned from the outset, but it was a phenomenally clever exercise in plotting to make it look as though it had been.”

@hil1max reminded us quite how long the character has been in our lives, sharing this sweet message: “The ending of #Endeavour was also emotional for me as I was instantly flooded with memories of my parents enjoying Morse played by John Thaw when they were around the age I am now. I hope you got to see & enjoy it Mum & Dad.”

Endeavour director Kate Saxon also shared this lovely photo from the day Shaun Evans and Roger Allam shot their last scene together:

We’ll give @NomadicWriter the last word: “Back in 1987 people said nobody would watch a detective drama that lasted two hours each episode. Never mind one set in quiet Oxford. They didn’t think it would last. How wrong they were. Gloriously so.”

ITV1 also aired a documentary looking back at Endeavour last night, following the show’s final episode.

If you missed it, Morse and the Last Endeavour is now streaming on ITVX in the UK, along with every single episode of Endeavour.

Endeavour is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.