‘Grantchester’ star says Season 7 finale was ‘a beautiful ending’ for the show

Tom Brittney says he’s happy with how Grantchester has ended if it doesn’t return.

The popular ’50s crime drama series wrapped up its seventh season earlier this year on ITV and PBS.

Viewers were quick to note that the season finale felt very much like a last ever episode.

Season 7 concluded with happy endings and closure for all our favourite characters, as Will married Cathy’s niece Bonnie, with Leonard and Daniel happily watching on, Geordie and Cathy reunited, and Mrs C sharing her cancer diagnosis with Jack.

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It wasn’t only fans of the show who got the ‘end of an era’ vibe, with star Tom Brittney sharing their sentiments.

The 31-year-old English actor, who’s played clergyman Will Davenport since 2019, told PBS: “If there were to be no eighth series, I think that would be a beautiful ending.”

However, speaking on the Masterpiece Studio podcast, Brittney revealed he thinks there’s more story to tell: “…it’s hard not to kind of feel like, you know, that maybe [Will and Geordie] have reached a new point in their friendship and and you know, Mrs. C and her relationship with Leonard and everything is kind of got a new equilibrium.”

He concluded: “So, you know, if it is the last, it would be a beautiful ending. If it’s not, then there’s more beautiful things to come. Who knows?”

Brittney also discussed how emotional it was shooting the heart-warming final moments of Season 7, where Will and Geordie are open about how much they mean to each other.

He said: “That scene was so incredibly hard to film because, I don’t know if you’ve realised, but I’m quite an emotional person in real life as well, and I do cry quite easily.”

Brittney recalled: “And that was one where, you know, in real life, Robson is one of my best friends. And when we filmed that scene, it was like me and Robson talking to each other. And me and Robson do have this same kind of relationship, which is kind of best friends and brothers and father and son. And, you know, unlike Will, I have a great father in real life, but, you know, I mean, this Will doesn’t.

“I think that that thing at the end of him saying ‘I love you,’ and especially two men in the ’50s saying that… We look up at the church – they’d call “Cut!” — and I just was in Grantchester in the same place when I did my first scene where I have the bag with a knife in where James where I go over to James and Sidney and Geordie.

“And I sat there looking and going ‘How far we’ve come as characters, as actors, as a family.’ It was just it was very emotional scene to do.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Grantchester will be back or if that was indeed the end of the story!

Meanwhile, Robson Green is making a new factual series about England’s North East for the BBC.

The new 15-part series sees the Geordie Keating actor joined by some of his famous friends as they celebrate “everything that’s great about the region.”

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Grantchester is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.