‘Grantchester’ future confirmed: Will there be an eighth season?

ITV and PBS have finally revealed if there’ll be another season of Grantchester.

The popular ’50s crime drama series concluded its latest run earlier this year.

Season 7 wrapped things up with happy endings and closure for all our favourite characters, as Will married Cathy’s niece Bonnie, with Leonard and Daniel happily watching on, Geordie and Cathy reunited, and Mrs C sharing her cancer diagnosis with Jack.

Watch the trailer here:

Many viewers noticed that the finale seemed very much like it could be the last ever episode of Grantchester, and they weren’t the only ones to feel that way.

Even star Tom Brittney, who’s played clergyman Will Davenport since 2019, said this summer: “If there were to be no eighth series, I think that would be a beautiful ending.”

Well, we’ve got some brilliant news to share, as it’s now been officially announced that Grantchester will be back with with more episodes next year!

Executive producer Emma Kingsman-Lloyd commented: “We are delighted to be returning to our beloved Grantchester. It’s a testament to the fantastic creative work of our cast and crew that the audience want us back series after series.”

Filming is already underway on Season 8 in Cambridgeshire, England.

The new episodes will see Robson Green and Tom Brittney returning once again as DI Geordie Keating and Reverend Will Davenport.

Robson Green said: “It’s so good to be back on Grantchester. A series that just gets better with age. Everyone involved is at the top of their game and this incredibly charming, likeable, dark and edgy show is an absolute privilege to be part of.”

Tom Brittney added: “I’m absolutely chuffed that we’re going ahead with another series of Grantchester and that I get to continue playing a character I adore so much. To be part of a show as well loved as this one, that is now in its eighth series, is an absolute honor.”

Having played Will since the show’s fourth season, Brittney has now appeared in more episodes than his predecessor James Norton did as Sidney Chambers.

Season 8 will premiere in the UK on ITV and in the US on PBS in 2023.

If you’re missing the Grantchester crew, you can watch the show’s stars taking part in this hilarious quiz testing how much they can remember about the past seven seasons.

Meanwhile, Robson Green has been busy filming a new factual series about England’s North East – and his Grantchester co-star Will Brittney will be making a guest appearance!

Robson Green’s Weekends Away will debut on BBC Two early next year.

Grantchester is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.