‘Grantchester’ trailer for Season 8 hints at troubled times for Will

PBS has released a trailer for the next season of Grantchester!

Based on the novels by James Runcie, ITV’s popular 1950s crime drama series returns with six brand new episodes this summer.

Robson Green and Tom Brittney are both back as DI Geordie Keating and Reverend Will Davenport, alongside all our favourite regular characters.

“Will’s story in the next series is much more of a personal, quite an internal journey, ” Grantchester creator Daisy Coulam previously revealed. “He has quite a stretch in a way, [which] tears him away from Bonnie and makes the relationship slightly trickier.”

We’ve now got out first look at what’s coming up for the newlyweds in this two-minute preview for Grantchester‘s eighth season from PBS.

Watch the trailer here:

Fans are overjoyed at the show’s return, with one writing on YouTube: “OMG! This looks incredible!”

“Cannot WAIT!!! But also aghhhh my darlings,” wrote another – and they weren’t the only ones worried about what lies ahead.

“I can’t wait for the new season, but is it too much to ask for Leonard to be okay?!” said a fan of Al Weaver’s former curate.

Viewers had concerns about the fate of Will’s new wife Bonnie too, with one fan noting ominously: “Well, this is going to be an interesting ride…”

The official synopsis for Season 8 tells us: “Will is the happiest he’s ever been, but his world will be rocked by a terrible accident. He’s always preached the word of a compassionate God – but how can he now, when his despair leads him on a dangerous downward spiral?

“Geordie has found a new contentment in his relationship with Cathy, but when they are both confronted with shocking announcements at work their happiness is threatened.

“As Mrs. C, Leonard, Jack and Daniel rally around, both Will and Geordie find themselves in unfamiliar, emotional waters and murder is always around the corner.”

Season 8 will premiere on PBS at 9pm ET on Sunday 9 July.

Grantchester is airing as part of PBS’s Masterpiece Mystery strand alongside Line of Duty star Adrian Dunbar’s new detective series Ridley and police series DI Ray.

The new season was originally set to launch in the UK in March, but it was then delayed.

Hopefully ITV will reveal a new date soon.

In other exciting news, Robson Green’s wonderful Weekend Escapes series has just been renewed for a second season!

Grantchester is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.