Acorn TV reveals ‘Harry Wild’ Season 2 premiere date

It’s been announced when the next season of Harry Wild begins!

1970s Bond girl and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman star Jane Seymour is back as former literature professor Harry Wild in a second run of Acorn TV‘s original crime drama.

The show sees Seymour’s character enjoying an unusual pastime in retirement: solving crimes along with her young partner in PI work, Fergus Reid, played by Rohan Nedd from Whitstable Pearl.

Together the wise-cracking pair investigate cases ranging from missing persons to murders, much to the annoyance of Harry’s son, Charlie (Guilt actor Kevin Ryan), who’s a detective in the Dublin Garda.

In the new episodes, the duo have a deeply personal mystery to solve when Fergus’s mother suddenly turns up, years after abandoning her family: What are her intentions? And can he trust her?

You can catch up on the first season of Harry Wild with a free 7-day trial of Acorn TV!

When’s the Season 2 release date?

Harry Wild returns in the US and in the UK exclusively on Acorn TV on Mondays from 9 October through to 6 November.

Watch the new trailer here:

Acorn TV’s Candice Renoir is back soon as well, with a seventh season premiering on Monday 2 October.

Cutting her honeymoon short, Canice Renoir (Cécile Bois) is soon back on the case solving crimes, the official synopsis tells us.

“As she drives back and forth from Paris, trying to rekindle a cold case, Candice has time to ask herself some difficult questions: What does she really want? To build a happy, blended family with her husband, or win her old flame back? To take on a more challenging and powerful job, or just enjoy the one she already has?

“Surely she can answer these questions the same way she solves complex cases – with common sense, acute observations, and a practical nature honed by the life of a busy mum?”

Also coming up on Acorn TV in the UK is Last Tango in Halifax star Sarah Lancashire’s powerful and compelling four-part serial drama Kiri.

The show originally aired on Channel 4 a few years ago, and every episode lands on Acorn TV on Monday 2 October.

ITV’s hit psychological thriller Angela Black arrives on Acorn TV too on Monday 16 October.

The mini-series stars Joanne Froggatt from Downton Abbey as Angela Black, living her best life and married to a hard-working family man, with two sons in lovely suburban London.

However, Angela’s picture-perfect life is hiding a terrible truth: she is suffering daily abuse from her controlling husband Oliver (Michial Huisman) and cannot escape him. When Angela is approached by a private investigator, Ed (Samuel Adewunmi), who reveals all of Oliver’s sinister secrets to her, she must decide whether to either endure her husband’s abuse or trust Ed, and fight for her freedom.

Harry Wild is available to watch on Acorn TV with a free 7-day trial.