Here’s what Jenna Coleman would look like as an old Queen Victoria

Here’s an interesting glimpse into a possible future for ITV’s Victoria!

The show’s creator Daisy Goodwin has hinted that the cast will need to be replaced with older actors eventually, like Netflix has done in The Crown.

Fans of the historical drama series haven’t been too keen on the idea, but the problem arises from star Jenna Coleman only being 33 years old and the real Queen Victoria living to the impressive age of 81.

It’s been suggested that Coleman could simply wear (a lot of) make-up and facial prosthetics to give her the appearance of an octogenarian, but that might not be practical for many reasons.

Goodwin explained: “I think when actors have to spend another hour in make-up every morning, it’s no longer fun, so we’ll see.”

If you were wondering what Coleman would look like as an 8o-year-old, fortunately we already know!

Before joining the cast of Victoria, Coleman starred in the BBC’s Doctor Who, alongside The Crown star Matt Smith.

The long-running time-travel drama’s Christmas special in 2014 featured a dream sequence with her character Clara as an old lady.

Seeing this, sadly we do think that Victoria‘s creator has a point about it being distracting.

We can certainly see why Jenna Coleman wouldn’t want to go through this long make-up process every day for a seven month shoot!

A third season of Victoria aired in 2019, but there’s still no official confirmation for Season 4 and fans have been warned to expect a long wait.

However, Jenna Coleman’s new period drama project will air on BBC One later this year.

Victoria is available on DVD on Amazon.