‘Home Fires’ has been voted the TV show viewers would most like to return

Nearly three years after it ended, the love for Home Fires is still burning.

The show has topped a poll run by TV blog I Talk Telly to discover the show that fans would most like to bring back.

Thousands of TV fans took part and Home Fires was the clear winner, with 36% of the votes.

Based on Julie Summers’ book Jambusters, ITV’s popular period drama explored the lives of Women’s Institute members on the Home Front during World War II in a rural Cheshire community.

Home Fires launched in May 2015 and ran for two years, but the series was cancelled by ITV in 2016, despite a growing audience and Season 2’s massive cliffhanger ending.

Upon hearing the news, Home Fires star Daniel Ryan (who played Miriam’s husband Bryn) told I Talk Telly: “I know I speak on behalf of the entire cast (because we still have a WhatsApp group!) we are just so touched that people took Home Fires so dearly to their hearts in the UK.

“We actually had a similar outcry of disappointment from America when they too learnt that the series had ended! It’s lovely that we still receive messages from downloads and catch up.

“We just remain so delighted to have made a show that told stories that seemed to resonate with so many viewers. A drama that spoke to people and characters that were loved.”

The author of the book that inspired Home Fires gave fans fresh hope for a third season last September, discussing an “exciting development.”

The TV series’ writer Simon Block previously revealed that he was just as surprised as fans were when the show was cancelled in 2016.

The first two seasons of Home Fires are available on DVD on Amazon.