‘Home Fires’ makers admit that ending Season 2 on a cliffhanger was a ‘mistake’

The makers of Home Fires have discussed their regrets about the series ending on a cliffhanger which may now never be resolved.

The British period drama series launched in May 2015 and explored the lives of Women’s Institute members on the Home Front during World War 2 in a rural Cheshire community, inspired by Julie Summers’ book Jambusters.

ITV announced in May last year that they would not be commissioning any more episodes of Home Fires, despite Season 2 ending on a massive cliffhanger with a fighter plane nosediving into the roof of butcher Bryn Brindsley’s house, with his wife in labour.

Over a year later, fans are still waiting to find out who survived the crash.

Home Fires executive producer Francis Hopkinson told Radio Times: “We thought we were coming back so we felt we were fairly safe. Maybe that was our mistake, feeling confident about it.”

Writer Simon Block added: “You have to write anything with some degree of confidence in what you’re writing. If you were trying to write it in a way that in any way pre-judged the possibility that it wouldn’t go again then there’s a danger that you short change the audience by half tying things up.

“I don’t think the channel encouraged us to do that at all – they wanted us to be bold and dramatic and go for things. You go into it with that spirit, not with a semi-defeated ‘well it might not go again’.”

The first two seasons of Home Fires are available to buy on DVD now.

Home Fires creator Simon Block has revealed that the show could still come back for new episodes on a different channel or platform, like Netflix or Amazon.