Will there be a sixth season of ‘Last Tango in Halifax’?

The creator of Last Tango in Halifax has been chatting about the possibility of another season.

Written by Gentleman Jack creator Sally Wainwright, the BBC’s family comedy-drama series returned with four new episodes in February.

Last Tango in Halifax first aired in 2012 and tells the story of former childhood sweethearts Alan and Celia, who reunite in their seventies.

Anne Reid, Derek Jacobi, Nicola Walker and Sarah Lancashire all reprised their roles as Celia, Alan, Gillian and Caroline, following a three-year hiatus.

The recently aired Season 5 finale left plenty of scope for more stories.

Fortunately for us, it sounds like writer Sally Wainwright is keen to get the cast back together for more episodes in the not too distant future.

Discussing the likelihood of a sixth season, Wainwright told Radio Times: “I mean, I hope so. I’d like to write this show until the cows come home.”

She explained: “I think it’s the things like this kinda slowly cook away in your brain even if you’re not consciously aware of it. So it’s like three years but I think they never go away. We went out for dinner one night me and Sarah and Nicola in January a year back… And it was just hilarious. I was just sitting there listening to them [and wanted to] write for them again.”

Before she begins writing more Last Tango in Halifax, however, Wainwright has a second season of Gentleman Jack to finish!

Last Tango in Halifax is available on DVD on Amazon.