Will Maggie Smith return in the next ‘Downton Abbey’ movie?

The producer of the Downton Abbey movie has suggested they could reverse a certain big twist.

Based on ITV’s period drama series, the long-awaited Downton film is playing in cinemas around the world now.

You’ll probably want to stop reading here if you’ve not yet seen the movie!

Towards the end of the movie, the Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith) confides in Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) that she “may not have long to live.”

Downton producer Gareth Neame has revealed that fans have been aghast by the plot twist.

He told EW: “When we’ve seen audiences watch the scene, the whole theatre goes completely silent and they hang on every word.”

Discussing the filming of the scene, he added: “I know Michelle found it a very emotional thing to work on and it certainly delivered.”

Fortunately, it sounds like the Downton team aren’t ruling out a miraculous recovery for Maggie Smith’s character if they decide to make a follow-up!

Neame hinted: “The doctors have got things wrong before on Downton.”

With the movie topping the box office in the UK and the US, a sequel is looking very likely, although it hasn’t yet been confirmed.

However, director Michael Engler believes that money “can’t be the only reason” to make another Downton movie.

The Downton Abbey movie is available to pre-order on DVD on Amazon.