‘Malory Towers’ trailer: BBC has adapted Enid Blyton’s classic 1940s stories

The BBC has released a trailer for its upcoming Malory Towers adaptation.

The new TV series for children is based on the classic novels by English author Enid Blyton.

Following the adventures of Darrell Rivers as she leaves home for the first time to attend an all girls’ boarding school, Blyton’s original six books were published between 1946 and 1951.

The official synopsis reads: “Set in post-war Britain on the sun-drenched cliffs of the Cornish coast, the series explores a nostalgic world of midnight feasts, lacrosse, pranks, a mystery ghost and lasting friendships.”

Watch the trailer:


The first episode airs in the UK at 5.30pm on Monday 6th April on CBBC.

If you can’t wait, all 13 episodes are already available to watch on demand on BBC iPlayer now!

Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers books are available on Amazon.