‘Malory Towers’ return date confirmed: When does Season 2 start?

The BBC has announced when the second season of Malory Towers will premiere.

Based on the classic novels by English author Enid Blyton, the children’s drama series launched in the UK during lockdown in April 2020.

Malory Towers has been adapted by Rachel Flowerday (Father Brown) and Sasha Hails (Versailles).

Following the popularity of the first season, the show was renewed for another two seasons in 2021.

Ella Bright is back as Darrell Rivers, as she and her pals return to their Cornish all girls’ boarding school for another helping of midnight feasts, lacrosse games and friendly larks in 1940s England.

Season 2 begins on CBBC in the UK at 6pm on Monday 10th January.

Episodes will air daily from Monday to Thursday at 6pm, culminating with a double bill finale airing on Thursday 27th January.

All 13 brand new 25-minute episodes of Malory Towers were previously released to stream on BBC iPlayer last November, where they remain available to watch now.

The official synopsis for the new season reads: “Darrell and the gang return for their second form, and adventure, fun and boarding school antics are back in full swing, with new friendships and rivalries.

“Darrell finds herself caught between fun-loving Alicia (Zoey Siewert) and the more cautious Sally (Sienna Arif-Knights), while Gwen (Danya Griver) discovers new ways to manipulate the girls in the dorm.

“Meanwhile, Jean (Beth Bradfield) is kindly on hand to help new girl Ellen Wilson (Carys John) settle into Malory Towers, which she joins on a scholarship…but it takes time for her to warm to the school and the rest of her new classmates, even brave Mary-Lou (Imogen Lamb) and scatterbrain Irene (Natasha Raphael)!

“Mr. Parker (Jason Callender) also arrives as the stern new second form teacher, with Matron (Ashley McGuire) and Mam’zelle Rougier (Geneviève Beaudet) returning to keep the girls in order.

“Season 2 also sees the introduction of new sixth former, Georgina Thomas (Edie Whitehead) and her father, wealthy businessman Francis Thomas (Dominic Coleman), who develops a keen interest in the school.

“However, among the excitement, fun and capers – the girls are brought together by news that shocks them all…”

The entire first season is also available to watch on demand on BBC iPlayer now.

Season 2 will air on the Family Channel in Canada and on BYUtv in the US at a later date.

The original six novels were published between 1946 and 1951.

Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers books are available on Amazon.