‘Malory Towers’ renewed for Season 5

A fifth season of Malory Towers has been confirmed!

The children’s drama series launched in the UK in April 2020 and became a lockdown hit for CBBC.

Malory Towers is adapted Rachel Flowerday (Father Brown) and Sasha Hails (Versailles) from the classic novels by English author Enid Blyton.

Set in 1940s England, the series stars Ella Bright as Darrell Rivers and follows her adventures at a Cornish all-girls’ boarding school.

All 41 episodes from the first three seasons are streaming in the UK on BBC iPlayer.

A fourth season was announced last July, with more midnight feasts, lacrosse games and friendly larks set to premiere on CBBC this summer.

A whole host of brand new programming for CBeebies, CBBC and BBC iPlayer aimed at young audiences and their families was unveiled yesterday by BBC Children’s.

Among the list of commissions was confirmation that Malory Towers will return.

The BBC press department’s official announcement reveals that Season 5 will be an extended run of 20 episodes, up from the previous 13-part seasons.

These new episodes will all once again be 25 minutes long.

The renewal announcement for Malory Towers follows its two festive specials, which aired last Christmas.

Filming is expected to commence later this year in Devon, England and Toronto, Canada.

When’s the release date?

Season 5 will likely premiere on CBBC and BBC iPlayer at some point in spring/summer 2024.

Other recommissions for CBBC include new seasons of Operation Ouch, Phoenix Rise, Andy And The Band, Bros In Control, Lagging, One Zoo Three, and Jamie Johnson spin-off Jamie Johnson FC.

“With beautiful animations, unique gameshows, factual content, enthralling dramas and even a musical or two, there is a real feast for kids families to enjoy,” said Director of BBC Children’s and Education, Patricia Hidalgo.

“Our latest commissions, full of homegrown talent and shot across the UK, continue to offer our audience a real breadth of high quality entertaining and educational content that only the BBC can deliver,” she added.

Malory Towers airs on the Family Channel in Canada and on BYUtv in the US.

Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers books are available on Amazon.