‘Grantchester’ star is adapting his mum’s World War I novels for TV

Tom Brittney has an exciting new project in the pipeline.

The 29-year-old English actor joined the cast of Grantchester in 2019 and will now be adding another string to his bow.

Brittney has teamed up with actor/writer Oliver Powell (Devs) and the producer of Patrick Melrose and Summer of Rockets to adapt his mother’s Mayfair 100 novels for television.

Set during the First World War, the book series explores a covert female task force who uncover a series of dark and gruesome crimes in London.

The Mayfair 100 stories have been described as “Downton Abbey with a dash of Ripper Street” and “perfect for fans of Foyle’s War and The Bletchley Circle.”

Tom Brittney commented: “I’ve been keen to contribute more directly to the constantly evolving landscape of TV & film for some time … We’re aiming to champion brave storytellers telling character driven narratives.

“We felt an adaptation of my mum’s brilliant book series, Mayfair 100, was the perfect launch for the company. An opportunity to take a period of history that people may know, but take it in a dark, unique and unseen direction.”

Tom Brittney is set to begin filming the sixth season of Grantchester next month, although plans could change due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the meantime, Amazon Prime members can currently catch up on the first five seasons of Grantchester for free!

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Lynn Brittney’s Mayfair 100 novels are available on Amazon.