‘Midsomer Murders’ return date confirmed

ITV has finally confirmed when we’re getting the next episode of Midsomer Murders!

The long-running crime drama is back with ‘The Witches of Angel’s Rise’ this weekend.

Airing in the UK at 8pm on Sunday 27 August on ITV1, the episode sees Neil Dudgeon and Nick Hendrix reprise their roles as DCI John Barnaby and DS Jamie Winter.

They’re joined by guest stars Colin Salmon (EastEnders), Tristan Sturrock (Poldark), Janine Duvitski (Benidorm), and daytime TV presenter Holly Willoughby.

The official synopsis reads: “Each year, the Midsomer village of Angel’s Rise hosts the annual Psychic Fayre in the vast and gothic Eddon Hall. Founded by the Saint-Stephens family in memory of their late daughter, the annual event attracts all manner of mediums, psychics and followers of the occult.

“However, things have not always been easy for the Saint-Stephens family. Once tipped as a future Nobel Prize winner, Peter Saint-Stephens, has been left to depend on the Fayre as the family’s only source of income. His wife, Jeanie, as a devout Christian has long opposed the Fayre believing it attracts all manner of debauchery and tarnishes the memory of her daughter.

“This year, the equilibrium of the spirit world is knocked off balance when strange happenings occur around Angel’s Rise. Jeanie unquestionably blames the local empaths, highly intuitive, these forces of nature are self-proclaimed witches who are said to conduct their rituals deep in the nearby Hades Caves.

“This legendary network of man-made caves was excavated in the 18th century to hide a secret society and today they do the same.”

The episode is already streaming on Acorn TV, where you can watch very episode of Midsomer Murders for free with this 7-day trial!

Midsomer Murders has suffered increasingly erratic scheduling over the past few years, with new episodes from the current season airing weeks, months or even a whole year apart from each other.

‘The Witches of Angel’s Rise’ is the final episode from Season 22, following ‘For Death Prepare’ which dropped in May.

It’s hard to believe that this season actually launched way back in April 2021 with ‘The Wolf Hunter of Little Worthy.’

We’re not quite sure why there has ended up being such a backlog of episodes waiting to be broadcast.

Two entire new seasons have already completed production, with Season 23 wrapping in July 2022.

Season 24 began filming this spring and completed its shoot last month.

With eight new episodes in the can, however, at least we can be certain there’s plenty more Midsomer Murders on the way, even if it might be a while until we get to see it!

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We expect that Season 23 will air on ITV1 in the UK this autumn, with Season 24 following in 2024.

The new episodes will once again premiere on Acorn TV in the US.

Midsomer Murders is available to watch on Acorn TV with a free 7-day trial.