‘Monty Python’ star REALLY doesn’t like ‘Downton Abbey’

It looks like we can safely say that Eric Idle is definitely not a Downton Abbey fan.

The Monty Python legend went on a bit of a rant (the instigation of which is unknown) about British period dramas like Downton being “condescending and inaccurate.”

He explained: “I love and adore the English. Well, not all of them. I hate the smugly sentimental upstairs/downstairs world of the upper-classes and their nostalgia for country estates and servants.

“You know, those TV series about fat-faced, smug, ******* upper-class twits where happy and kindly aristocrats are lovingly and gratifyingly served by contented, sexually available domestic servants.”

He continued: “It’s ****. It’s condescending and inaccurate, and panders to the worst kind of Americans who see the British as some kind of butler-owning democracy.”

It was finally revealed earlier this month when the Downton Abbey movie will begin filming.

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