BBC adapting Bernardine Evaristo’s novel ‘Mr Loverman’ as TV series

A television adaptation of acclaimed book Mr Loverman has been announced!

The series is based on Booker Prize-winning author Bernardine Evaristo‘s wonderful 2013 novel.

Set over half a century between 1960 and 2011, the “life-affirming story about family, love, and being true to yourself” is being adapted by writer Nathaniel Price (The Outlaws, Noughts & Crosses).

Lennie James (Save Me, The Walking Dead) will be leading the cast as the exuberant protagonist, Barrington Jedidiah Walker.

“I can’t wait to get Barrington’s swagger on and help tell this crucial and complicated love story,” the actor commented.

The Line of Duty star calls Evaristo’s story “as funny as it is sad … as full of heart as it is heartache…”

“Bernardine’s novel is not only a beautiful, truthful story, full of deeply human characters, it is a vitally important one,” says screenwriter Nathaniel Price.

“It is unflinching in its challenge of cultural myths and stereotypes, and an exhibition of just how deep and far-reaching the consequences of prejudice and fear can be. It has been an honour and a privilege to have had the chance to adapt this seminal work…”

Bernardine Evaristo has given her the production her seal of approval, saying she’s “thrilled” at the news,

“I love the idea of them stepping beyond the pages of the novel and into people’s living rooms and lives,” the author added.

When’s the release date?

Eight 30-minute episodes will begin filming later this year.

Mr Loverman is expected to premiere in the UK on BBC One and streaming on BBC iPlayer in 2024.

The official synopsis reads: “Barrington Jedidiah Walker, Esq. Barry to his mates. Trouble to his wife, his daughters, and his lover. Seventy years old, Antiguan born, exuberant Hackney personality, Barry is renowned for his dapper taste and fondness for retro suits.

“Carmel, his wife of 50 years, senses that Barry has been cheating on her with other women. Little does she know what’s really going on: a secret, decades-long passionate affair with his best friend and soulmate, Morris.

“Now entering the next chapter of his life, Barry has big choices to make that will force his whole family to question their own futures.”

Bernardine Evaristo’s novel Mr Loverman is available on Amazon.