New mini-series will adapt H.G. Wells’ 1895 story ‘The Time Machine’

Sky is working on a new British television adaptation of classic sci-fi tale The Time Machine.

First published in 1895, H. G. Wells’ novella is widely credited with introducing into popular culture the concept of time travel by using a vehicle.

Wells also first coined the now widely used term “time machine” in the story.

Set in in Victorian England, The Time Machine tells the tale of an English scientist and inventor living in Richmond, Surrey.

It has previously been adapted in 1960, 1978 and 2002.

BBC Worldwide-backed production company House Productions is developing the mini-series with British playwright Nick Payne.

Payne is the writer of BBC One’s hit new drama series Wanderlust, currently airing on Tuesday nights in the UK, starring Toni Collette (The Sixth Sense).

Deadline reports that the project is in the “very early stages of development” and will likely air in the UK on Sky Atlantic.