New on BritBox in the UK: What’s added in February 2021?

Lots of great new British television shows and movies are coming to BritBox!

The digital video subscription service from the BBC and ITV offers viewers in the UK the very best in past, present and future British programming.

Featuring the biggest collection of British content available on any streaming service, BritBox is available for just £5.99 per month in HD via web, mobile, tablet, and connected TVs.

Here are all of February’s upcoming new additions:


New movies (available from 1st February 2021)

BritBox’s collection of exclusive feature films will be broadened to include comedies Bad Behaviour (1993) starring Stephen Rea, Food of Love (1997) starring Richard E. Grant, The Frog Prince (1984) starring Jane Snowden, Mr Love (1985) starring Barry Lyndon, and Finding Your Feet (2018) starring Imelda Staunton, Joanna Lumley and Timothy Spall.

Dramas including Funny Cow (2018) starring Maxine Peake, and horrors The Ritual (2017) starring Rafe Spall, and Attack the Block (2011) starring John Boyega and Jodie Whittaker will also be added.


Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (available from 4th February 2021)

With magic long since lost to England, two men are destined to bring it back; the reclusive Mr Norrell and daring novice Jonathan Strange. So begins a dangerous battle between two great minds. Starring Eddie Marsan, Bertie Carvel and Charlotte Riley.


The Scapegoat (available from 4th February 2021)

An unemployed teacher meets his exact double in a British pub and becomes sucked into the man’s wrecked life. An adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s 1957 novel of the same name starring Matthew Rhys.


Tracking Down Maggie (available from 4th February 2021)

An insightful 1994 documentary from award-winning director Nick Broomfield that breaks through the public persona of the ‘Iron Lady’, Margaret Thatcher, in order to discover the woman behind it.


The Beatles: Made on Merseyside (available from 4th February 2021)

They defined music and popular culture like no other band ever will. But how did The Beatles make the journey from Merseyside teenagers to international pop stars in the 1960s?


Secrets of the Lusitania: Terror at Sea (available from 4th February 2021)

This 90-minute film is a dramatisation of the sinking of the RMS Lusitania on 7 May 1915 by a German U-boat, U-20. Featuring John Hannah, Kenneth Cranham, Michael Feast, Madeleine Garrood and Florian Panzer.


Terror at Sea: The Sinking of the Concordia (available from 4th February 2021)

The cruise ship – which got off to a bad start when the champagne bottle failed to break on its launch – fell prey to the omens when it sank on Friday 13 January 2012 off the Italian coast. This programme pieces together the mistakes that led to the disaster.


Holy Flying Circus (available from 4th February 2021)

In 1979, Monty Python made Life of Brian and the debate about what is an acceptable subject for comedy was blown wide open. This is a fantastical reimagining of the build-up to the release of the film and the controversy it caused.


Armstrong and Miller/ The Armstrong and Miller Show (available from 4th February 2021)

Beneath the veneer of po-faced respectability lies a wealth of characters in Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller’s sketch show.


The Kumars at No 42 – Seasons 5-7 (available from 4th February 2021)

Two further seasons of the only star-studded variety show filmed from a back garden in Wembley.


Leaving Neverland (available from 4th February 2021)

A British-American documentary film directed and produced by British filmmaker Dan Reed. It focuses on two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who allege they were sexually abused at the famous ranch as children.


From Russia with Cash (available from 4th February 2021)

The 2015 documentary shows an undercover journalist posing as a Russian government minister, ‘Boris’, to investigate increasing evidence that London’s property boom is being partly fuelled by overseas buyers laundering money.


We’ll Take Manhattan (available from 11th February 2021)

Drama which explores the love affair between photographer David Bailey and supermodel Jean Shrimpton after they are sent to New York for a prestigious Vogue photoshoot in 1962. Starring Karen Gillan, Aneurin Barnard and Helen McCrory.


Take Me Out (available from 11th February 2021)

Single ladies across the UK get a chance at a dream date in this game show presented by `matchmaker’ Paddy McGuinness.


The Somme 1916: From Both Sides of the Wire (available from 11th February 2021)

July 1, 2006, marked the 90th Anniversary of the first day of the Battle of the Somme, the bloodiest single day in the history of warfare. Never have so many soldiers been killed in one day’s fighting: a staggering 25,000 dead, most in the first hour. The Somme follows a group of young men through that first day.


The Weather Business: Inside the Met Office (available from 11th February 2021)

With unique and unprecedented access to the UK Met Offices Exeter Headquarters at its busiest time of the year; The Weather Business follows the work of its staff; from the call centre to the forecasters, the supercomputer to the aviation desk, the meteorologists working on-site with customers to the press officers holding the fort at the HQ and gain an unparalleled insight.


The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan (available from 11th February 2021)

Comedian and TV presenter Romesh Ranganathan travels way beyond his comfort zone and the world of complimentary breakfast buffets to some of the most unlikely places on earth for a holiday.


The Pembrokeshire Murders (available from 13th February 2021)

Acclaimed actor Luke Evans takes the lead in this true-crime drama, a three-part mini-series depicting the pursuit of a cold-blooded serial killer. Two unsolved double murders from the 1980s cast a shadow over the work of the Dyfed Powys police force. In 2006, newly promoted Detective Superintendent Steve Wilkins decided to reopen both cases.

Employing pioneering forensic methods, Wilkins and his handpicked team found microscopic DNA and fibres that potentially linked the murders to a string of burglaries committed in the 80s and 90s. The perpetrator of those robberies was nearing the end of his prison sentence, but if Steve Wilkins was right, he was also a serial killer…


Death Comes to Pemberley (available from 18th February 2021)

Adaptation of PD James’s bestselling homage to Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth and Darcy, now six years married, are preparing for their annual ball when festivities are brought to an abrupt halt. Starring Anna Maxwell-Martin, Matthew Rhys, Matthew Goode and Jenna Coleman.


The Fall  – Seasons 1-3 (available from 18th February 2021)

A detective superintendent battles her own personal demons as she tries to get inside the head of a serial killer hiding behind a family-man facade. Starring Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan and John Lynch.


The Great Train Robbery (available from 18th February 2021)

Two new films from writer Chris Chibnall, telling the story behind the most infamous heist in British history on its 50th anniversary. Starring Luke Evans, Philip Glenister, Jack Roth and Paul Anderson.


Chelmsford 123 (available from 18th February 2021)

All of the comedy series set in Chelmsford in AD 123. Starring Jimmy Mulville, Rory McGrath, Neal Pearson and Howard Lew Lewis.


Capital (available from 18th February 2021)

On one day, the people of one South London street all receive an anonymous postcard with the simple message ‘we want what you have’. Its unsettling ripples affect every corner of the community. Starring Toby Jones, Gemma Jones and Rachel Stirling.


Richard III: The Burial of the King (available from 18th February 2021)

The extraordinary journey of Richard III, from car park to cathedral, culminates in a series of live programmes on the week he is finally laid to rest.


Call the Midwife – Season 9 (available from 25th February 2021)

A moving and intimate insight into the colourful world of midwifery in 1960s east London. Starring Jenny Agutter, Linda Bassett, Judy Parfitt, Helen George, Laura Main, Jennifer Kirby, Leonie Elliot and Stephen Turner.


PhoneShop – Seasons 1-3 (available from 25th February 2021)

All episodes from the British sitcom set in a high street mobile phone store. The show follows new employee Christopher (Tom Bennett) as he settles into his job and gets into various predicaments along with his fellow workers. Starring Andrew Brooke, Javone Prince, Emma Fryer and Martin Trenaman.


‘Allo ‘Allo – Seasons 1-9 (available from 25th February 2021)

All episodes of the wartime sitcom about the French Resistance starring Gorden Kaye and Carmen Silvera, with the farcical events set around a cafe run by René Artois.


United (available from 25th February 2021)

Drama based on the true story of Manchester United’s legendary Busby Babes and the 1958 Munich air crash that claimed eight of their number. With David Tennant and Dougray Scott.


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