New on BritBox in the US: What’s added in March 2021?

Lots of great new British television shows are coming to BritBox in March!

The subscription streaming service from BBC Studios and ITV offers viewers in the US and Canada the biggest collection of streaming British television.

Featuring the latest hits from the UK and much-loved telly classics from the past, BritBox is available for just $6.99 per month.

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Here are all the upcoming new additions:


The Mallorca Files – Season 2 (available from 2nd March 2021)

DC Miranda Blake (Elen Rhys, Ordinary Lies) and DC Max Winter (Julian Looman, Nightlife) may be a mismatched pair, but their partnership is a proven recipe for success. The stylish crime-busting duo are back, and Miranda is finally starting to put down roots, and just in time too, because there’s no shortage of murky cases waiting to be cracked.

With even more dramatic landscapes and a host of special guest stars including Phil Daniels (Outlaws), Kacey Ainsworth (Grantchester), Graeme Hawley (Peaky Blinders) and Craig Kelly (Waking the Dead), it’s a sizzling return for this exhilarating detective drama.


Agatha Christie’s Sparkling Cyanide (available from 5th March 2021)

Welcome to the glamorous world of wealth, politics and sport. Starring Pauline Collins (Bleak House, Dickensian) and Oliver Ford Davies (Star Wars, A Royal Scandal), this film is a spectacular modern day adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic murder mystery.

An elderly husband and wife are unlikely looking secret agents brought in to investigate the murder of a powerful soccer club manager’s beautiful trophy wife at a glitzy champagne event. As the case progresses, it transpires that the dead woman was having a secret affair with a high profile government minister, and with the list of suspects ever growing, it’s a race against time to find the killer before they strike again.


63 Up (available from 9th March 2021)

From the groundbreaking, award-winning Up documentary series from legendary director Michael Apted, 63 Up is the latest installment. Since its first installment in 1964, the celebrated series has traced the fortunes of a group of British children from a variety of backgrounds and different parts of the country, returning at seven-year intervals to take snapshots of their lives.

Taking the Jesuit maxim ‘Give me a boy until he is seven, and I will give you the man,’ the original 7 Up film posed the question of whether the prospects of those taking part were determined by the class into which they were born.

Across the decades, Michael Apted has watched his subjects grow up and grow old and, along the way, taken a snapshot of British society, exploring issues of family and politics, religion and mental health. Now the subjects are 63, and we find out how life has treated them and their families since the last time we caught up with them.


Open All Hours – Seasons 1-4 (available from 12th March 2021)

Brown-coated, stuttering and penny-pinching Arkwright (Ronnie Barker, Porridge) keeps his corner-shop open as long as the law will permit.

But he still finds time for his passions – parting unsuspecting customers from their hard-earned cash, keeping his day-dreaming nephew Granville (David Jason, A Touch of Frost) in line, and tirelessly pursuing buxom nurse Gladys Emmanuel.


New Tricks – Seasons 7-12 (available from 23rd March 2021)

A team of retired former detectives with over 80 years service between them and three very distinct personalities are recruited to re-examine unsolved crimes. The squad is headed up by Sandra Pullman (Amanda Redman, Pericles Prince of Tyre) – a detective in disgrace after bungling a hostage situation.

The team soon discovers that things are not what they seem and a trail of corruption, altered statements and dubious witnesses emerges. Adapting to the new touchy-feely 21st-century police strategies – not to mention working under a tough woman with her future on the line – isn’t easy, as the three discover with plenty of comic results.


Escape to the Country – Season 8 (available from 26th March 2021)

Ever wanted to move from the city into an idyllic rural retreat? Surrounded by concrete and noisy traffic, most city people are tempted to quit the rat race for the peace of the countryside.

Experts and realtors help people to achieve that dream, finding a suitable property and guiding prospective buyers through every aspect of buying, selling and moving. Each episode follows one move, and includes everything from snug, chocolate-box cottages to rambling castles. Will they fall in love with the properties that are shown, or has their search been in vain?


Grand Designs – Seasons 16-18 (available from 26th March 2021)

Join architecture enthusiast Kevin McCloud as we watch Britain’s most spectacular and ambitious self-build projects unfold, and meet the daring people behind them. With over 18 seasons, as well as various spin-offs, the world has watched the highs and lows, triumphs and the tragedies of intrepid individuals and families who often risk everything to build their extraordinary dream homes.

Viewers are treated to weird and wonderful contemporary architecture, often focusing on sustainability, responding to individual needs or in stunning, unique settings. But it is the human drama and real-life budget worries, disappointments and moments of glory that make this series the perfect blend of sophisticated reality show, design showcase and lifestyle program loved by millions.


Life in a Cottage Garden (available from 26th March 2021)

Embrace the cozy cottage lifestyle with Life in a Cottage Garden as Carol Klein (Gardeners’ World) guides us through a year in the life of her own garden at Glebe Cottage in Devon.

From the hidden secrets of winter, the first shoots of spring and the fecundity of summer right through to autumn, the series is a beautiful documentation of how a garden flourishes, dies and is reborn.


Edible Gardens (available from 26th March 2021)

On a mission to show that growing and cooking your own produce can be rewarding, cost-effective and life enhancing, urbanite and Gardeners’ World presenter Alys Fowler is transforming her garden to become self-sufficient in vegetables for a year.

With each episode focusing on a different food group, Alys shows how to grow and create your very own tasty produce. Follow her journey and draw inspiration for your own garden in this stylish series.


Gardeners’ World (available from March 2021)

The popular BBC flagship gardening program returns and is packed with good ideas and tips from experts, as well timely reminders to get the most of your garden, whatever its size or type.

Hosted by gardening master Monty Don, this BBC lifestyle institution is full of down-to-earth advice from experts and surprise guests such as Mary Berry.


Beechgrove Garden (available from March 2021)

Celebrate Scottish horticulture and growing conditions with this popular gardening series. A topical series, Beechgrove Garden deals with the challenges that face gardeners in a practical, down to earth, get-your-hands-dirty manner, all set in Scotland’s challenging conditions.

Success is celebrated, but there’s also a lot to be learned from the failures experienced by the show’s gardening team. If a stunning garden can be grown on a 2.5-acre inhospitable sloping site, then anyone can have a go anywhere.


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