New two-part PBS series offers ‘unparalleled insight’ into life of Princess Margaret

PBS has announced details of a new two-part biography of Princess Margaret.

The insightful new documentary series “offers unparalleled insight into Margaret’s turbulent life and times.”

Margaret: The Rebel Princess will feature “rare footage and interviews with those who knew her best.”

This insiders’ look at Queen Elizabeth’s beautiful and rebellious younger sister

Margaret: The Rebel Princess will air at 10pm ET on Sunday 10th February and Sundays 10th February on PBS.

Princess Margaret is played by Vanessa Kirby in Netflix’s The Crown, which returns for a third season this year with Harry Potter actress Helena Bonham Carter taking over the role.

The official synopsis for Margaret: The Rebel Princess reads: “[Margaret’s] unique position as the Queen’s younger sister in a changing Britain left her free to experiment and push boundaries, yet she was forever judged by a public and press beginning to question the very idea of a monarchy.

“While Margaret often followed the rigid rules under which she was raised, she also stepped outside those rules and into scandal. A complicated and contradictory princess, her story parallels her era, when the rules of social norms were being rewritten and a freer, more egalitarian society was emerging.

“Margaret forged her own way by becoming a rule-breaking trendsetter and an eager participant in the excitement of a swinging 1960s London.

“Her loves were passionate if not always wise, from Peter Townsend, a married aide to her father, to her dashing yet philandering husband Lord Snowden, to the much-younger Roddy Llewellyn. But it was her relationship with her sister that was perhaps the most important, the woman against whom she defined herself all her life.”

Amongst the new interviewees are several of Margaret’s closest friends, including Lady Anne Glenconner, Lady Jane Rayne and Jane Stevens; biographers Christopher Warwick, Craig Brown and Anne de Courcy; journalists Clive Irving of the Daily Express and Doris Bacon of AP and more.