‘Poldark’ characters recap: Who’s who in Season 4?

Poldark returns to US screens tomorrow night!

Based on the sixth and seventh books in Winston Graham’s series of novels, the hit Cornish period drama is back with eight new episodes.

The story picks up in 1796: Ross must defend Cornwall from an empowered George Warleggan, and risks everything he holds dear as he embarks on a political journey which takes him to the nation’s capital. Demelza finds her loyalties torn, Elizabeth tries to strengthen her marriage, Morwenna  continues to be oppressed by husband Reverend Ossie Whitworth, and the Enyses are tested as never before.

Season 4 will be airing on Sunday nights at 9/8c on Masterpiece on PBS.

Here’s a reminder of who’s who in Poldark:


Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner)

To protect his treasured Cornwall, Ross must risk all he loves most to challenge George in new circles of power on a journey to the nation’s capital.


Demelza Poldark (Eleanor Tomlinson)

In the wake of her infidelity with Hugh, Demelza tries to re-commit to her marriage, but finds herself parted from Ross for much of the year. Will she succumb to temptation again or rise to govern in Ross’ absence?


Elizabeth Warleggan (Heida Reed)

Having won respite from George’s suspicions, Elizabeth looks to help George realise his ambitions and to have another “8 month child” before George can question Valentine’s birth again.


George Warleggan (Jack Farthing)

George suppresses his fears over Valentine to enjoy a more harmonious marriage with Elizabeth. However, he finds politics more of a challenge than he thought and seeks to solidify his power in more ambitious ways.


Dr Dwight Enys (Luke Norris)

Recovered from his internment in France, Dwight finds his marriage to Caroline tested as never before.


Caroline Enys (Gabriella Wilde)

With Dwight safely back in Cornwall, Caroline looks forward to settling into married life. Fate, however, has other plans.


Prudie Paynter (Beatie Edney)

Nampara’s loyal servant and an extension of the Poldark family, Prudie is increasingly pulled between her masters, trying to do what’s best for everyone – even if she doesn’t know what that always entails.


Sam Carne (Tom York)

When Sam finds the things he loves under threat he must question the lengths to which he’s willing to fight for them.


Drake Carne (Harry Richardson)

Once a happy and carefree soul, Drake’s heartbreak has left him disenchanted with life. With a new romantic prospect, he must ask himself if he can ever forget Morwenna.


Morwenna Whitworth (Ellise Chappell)

Trapped in an oppressive marriage to Osborne, Morwenna clings to the embers of past joys but shuts herself off from the world. However, having fended her odious husband off with threats of killing his son, Osborne seeks news ways of getting rid of her.


Rev Osborne Whitworth (Christian Brassington)

The antithesis of a holy man, Reverend Osborne Whitworth is the prefect hypocrite and a slave to deviant thoughts. Unable to find satisfaction at home, he seeks extra-marital relations, but his greed may prove his undoing…


Lt Hugh Armitage (Josh Whitehouse)

Unable to give up his love for Demelza, Hugh finds himself wanting more. However, his uncle Lord Falmouth has other plans for him that would see him leave Cornwall and he continues to suffer from his internment in France.


Geoffrey Charles Poldark (Louis Davidson)

Now a young man of fifteen, Geoffrey Charles is studying at Harrow school and free of his former constraints. His antics between terms, however, reveal a little of his uncle’s roguishness and his late-father’s propensity for trouble.


Verity Blamey (Ruby Bentall)

Ross’ cousin, Verity is a calm bridge between the feuding houses, bringing insights for the betterment of both.


Monk Adderley (Max Bennett)

A known socialite and unscrupulous rake, Adderley has grown bored with life and hunts for greater thrills. The pursuit finds him locking horns with Ross Poldark however, and neither is willing to give ground.


Lady Whitworth (Rebecca Front)

Reverend Osborne’s mother, Lady Whitworth, imposes herself upon the Whitworth’s house and is another threat to Morwenna’s fragile peace…


Cary Warleggan (Pip Torrens)

Ever hungry for power and profit, Cary remains at his nephew’s side, seeking to expand the family empire.


Rowella Solway (Esme Coy)

Having seduced Osborne and blackmailed him for a better life, Rowella struggles with the lifestyle her husband now provides. She embarks on a mission to enrich her household, overlooking the potential repercussions that may bring…


Arthur Solway (Will Merrick)

Rowella’s devoted husband, Arthur’s worldly innocence is shattered by betrayal…


Sir Francis Basset (John Hopkins)

Recently ennobled, Basset continues his meteoric rise in Cornwall by looking to solidify his power and take on the old order represented by Lord Falmouth.


Lord Falmouth (James Wilby)

A longstanding figure in Cornwall’s political world, Falmouth represents hereditary powers and prejudice and it cost him Truro’s seat in the last election. With another election looming, will he have learnt from his mistakes?


Emma Tregirls (Ciara Charteris)

Her flirtatious nature has ensnared many men. With Sam now one of them, a man for whom she has feelings herself, Emma is forced to question the life she wants for herself. Will she give up her freedom for the love of an honest man?


Rosina Hoblyn (Amelia Clarkson)

A sweet natured girl with an unfortunate history, Rosina has been dealt a raw deal by life. When Demelza takes it upon herself to do a little match-making, she finds hope again.


Zacky Martin (Tristan Sturrock)

One of Ross’ oldest friends and the Mine captain of Wheal Grace, Zacky is well respected by commoners and gentry alike. In a world of uncertain alliances and through personal tragedy, he remains a welcome rock in the storm.


The first three seasons of Poldark are available to buy on DVD now.

Poldark writer Debbie Horsfield confirmed last month that the next season in 2019 will be the show’s last.