Rachel Shenton reveals ‘exciting’ hopes for fourth season of ‘All Creatures’

The cast of All Creatures Great and Small are getting ready to shoot the next season!

Based on author James Herriot’s much-loved collection of stories, the series follows the heartwarming and humorous adventures of a young country vet in the Yorkshire Dales in the 1930s.

A third season of Channel 5’s popular period drama launched in the UK last autumn, and recently concluded on Sunday nights in the US.

Watch the trailer here:

Filming on six brand new episodes of All Creatures Great and Small, plus another Christmas special, is set to commence production this spring in Yorkshire.

All the main cast are expected to return, including Rachel Shenton as Helen.

The English actress recently made a guest appearance on the Masterpiece Studio podcast, and gave fans some hints about what’s coming up for the Herriots.

Discussing what’s on the cards for James and Helen in Season 4, Shenton revealed: “It’s quite exciting, isn’t it? I hope there’s more fun to be had. But I’m also aware that, you know, the time that we are in… World War II is very real.

“So, I still hope that relationship can keep deepening… What I saw this season, which I think was lovely and I’d like to see more of, is that we saw them transition from the kind of gooey newlyweds – you know, stealing kisses when Richard Alderson’s not looking – to a team that stick together and are there for each other.

“And it was it was more grounded and real and that was really lovely to both play, you know, and read. So I’d like to see more of that. I hope that’s more of that.”

Shenton also revealed where she got the habit of Helen always giving James a kiss before he goes out on a call.

She revealed: “I always remember that bit from talking to [the real-life James Herriot’s daughter] Rosie…

“We always, well, I bug Rosie every season. I get the scripts in, and I’m like, ‘Right. Can I ask you this? Can I ask you this?’ And she’s always so brilliant with given as little anecdotes and stories and things that really help us sort of find those little bits of gold.

“One of them that they always they would greet each other with a kiss and they always leave each other with a kiss. So we try and do that as much as we can.”

Following Tristan’s departure for war at the end of the Christmas episode, Shenton was asked on the podcast if Skeldale House be a little emptier when the show returns?

She answered: “I don’t know, I’ve not read anything yet, but for sure. With Tristan, in a way, it will there’s going to be a there’s going to be a fun-sized hole missing. He brings the fun, he brings the laughter. He’s a cheeky chappie.

“He’s going to be missed around Skeldale. I wonder who’s going to be rubbing Siegfried up the wrong way?

“It might just be a bit boring without him! But I’m looking forward to reading what’s in store. So it’s just as exciting for us to get the scripts. It really is.”

The fourth season of All Creatures Great and Small is expected to premiere in the UK on Channel 5 this September.

It’s most probably then debut in the US in January 2024 on PBS.

Meanwhile, Rachel Shenton has a brand new psychological thriller series coming up on Channel 5!

She’ll be starring alongside Shakespeare and Hathaway actress Jo Joyner in Under Her Skin later in 2023.

All Creatures Great and Small is available on DVD on Amazon.