‘Sanditon’ Season 3 reviews round-up: ‘Enchanting’ final run is a ‘fitting farewell’

Sanditon was back in the US last night with its final season.

The hit period drama returned on PBS, and American fans can stream the brand new episodes on the PBS Masterpiece channel with this free 7-day trial on Amazon Prime Video!

Based on Jane Austen’s unfinished final novelSanditon has had a tumultuous history, with a surprise revival last year after it was cancelled in 2021.

In the new season we’ve been promised “more grand parties, wise and outspoken women, and lovely friendships that stand the test of time and circumstances.”

But that’s not all, as we’re warned to expect “astonishing new alliances, ghosts from the past, and all the complications of love and life.”

Season 3 launched last night on PBS Masterpiece, and the show’s final chapter will continue on Sunday nights over the next five weeks.

The first episode saw Charlotte arrive back at the Regency era seaside resort—fiancé in tow—for the society event of the year. Meanwhile, Georgiana received a shocking threat to her fortune, and Edward tried to prove to Lady Denham that he was a changed man.

We’ve rounded up a spoiler-free selection of reviews to help you decide if you’d like to watch the final season:


“While Sanditon Season 2 suffered at first because it had to work Sidney Parker’s untimely off-screen death into the story — a whole new major romantic arc had to now be seeded for Charlotte — Sanditon Season 3 hits the ground running.

“We already have emotional attachments to the characters, meaning we are all the more fully invested in the relationships we’ve been following as well as new romances that emerge…

Sanditon is an intoxicating pleasure bomb that will have you swooning and screaming at your TV screen.” – Decider


“Season 3 is a love letter to period drama fans in general and, in particular, to fans who have stuck with this series through cancellation, campaigning, and a renewal curveball.

“Those who loved Season 2 should brace yourselves; the romantic tension ratchets up to almost intolerable levels. Those who were lukewarm about Season 2 can find much in Sanditon Season 3 to reconcile you with the seaside resort.

“There are exquisitely heartbreaking moments that remind viewers why we fell in love with many of these characters.” – Marvelous Geeks


Sanditon Season 3 has got me swooning. The first five episodes of the final season of the beloved Masterpiece on PBS series fully embrace the joys and sorrows of romance, letting love bloom all over Jane Austen‘s seaside resort.

“Almost every Sanditon character, new and returning, gets a taste of romance in the show’s final season.

Sanditon Season 3 is the show at its soapiest, smartest best and it’s well worth the wait for long-time fans.” – DNYUZ


“What I’ve seen so far of Sanditon‘s final season has me both excited and devastated to see the series finale. I’ve fallen so hard for the characters of Sanditon that I don’t want my visit with them to end.

“The final season of Sanditon is absolutely enchanting and a fitting farewell for a beloved show.” – Decider


“Everything about this episode indicates that this will be a season about wrapping things up and, most importantly, pairing people off in true Jane Austen or (at least Austen adjacent) style.

“But, perhaps that’s honestly for the best, as much of the series’ second season ultimately ended up repeating the basic narrative beats of its first… At least, since it’s been given a definitive endpoint, Sanditon will finally have to say something new. ” – Telly Visions


“Well, friends, we’re back. Last season, all of our beloved pals were once again jilted and disrespected by horrible men, so at this point I’m honestly kind of hoping Georgiana and Charlotte just run away together to be rich and fabulous in peace.” – GBH


“The third season is by far the best. It outshines and exceeds in performances even over season two. It’s filled with comedy, revelations, tough decisions, longing, angst, and even the threat of demise.

“The ending, however, is like one big joyous package, wrapped up for each character and tied together with a loving bow from the writers and cast.

“They have given the Sanditon fandom the best of everything that will leave you teary-eyed, filled with thanks, and yet sorrowful that this beautiful series has come to an end.” – Sanditon Seaside


Season 3 will premiere in the UK later in 2023 streaming on either BritBox or ITVX, before airing on ITV1.

Every episode of of Sanditon is available to stream on the PBS Masterpiece channel.