‘Father Brown’ spin-off ‘Sister Boniface Mysteries’ confirms premiere date

BritBox has announced when the new Father Brown spin-off will launch.

Sister Boniface Mysteries features the return of its titular character from early Father Brown episode ‘The Bride of Christ’.

The upcoming period drama crime series sees Lorna Watson (Watson & Oliver) reprise her role as nun, moped rider, wine maker and part-time forensic scientist Sister Boniface of St Vincent’s Convent to solve more “light-hearted murder mysteries.”

Created by Father Brown writer Jude Tindall, the show follows the sleuthing nun in rural 1960s England as she uses the latest techniques for tracking down killers.

Watch the trailer here:


Sister Boniface Mysteries writer and creator Jude Tindall commented: “Since Lorna Watson as Sister Boniface bounced so joyfully into Season 1 of Father Brown, I always had a plan to bring her back. Now that plan has come to fruition, I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Alongside Lorna Watson, the show stars Max Brown (Downton Abbey), Jerry Iwu (Sex Education), Miranda Raison (MI-5), and Ami Metcalf (Upstairs Downstairs).

The cast also includes Belinda Lang (Inspector Alleyn Mysteries), Virginia Fiol (EastEnders), Ivan Kaye (The Coroner), Sarah Crowden (Grantchester), and David Sterne (Detectorists).

We’re told that Father Brown himself, actor Mark Williams, will also be making a special appearance!

The official synopsis reads: “Sister Boniface Mysteries delves into the crimes that take place in the aptly named town of Great Slaughter, where the police rely heavily on their secret weapon, Sister Boniface.

“At a time when police forensics is rudimentary, Sister Boniface’s is at the forefront of this field. With a PHD in chemistry, I.Q. of 156, plus a knack for finding clues hidden in plain sight – this nun knows the devil is in the details.

“In her role as official Police Scientific Advisor, Boniface works alongside the dashing maverick Detective Inspector Sam Gillespie, played by Max Brown, and Detective Sergeant Felix Livingstone, portrayed by Jerry Iwu.

“Felix was supposed to be on secondment to the Metropolitan Police but an administrative error lands him in Great Slaughter. A cast of eccentric local characters combined with his boss’s reliance on a nun leave him reeling. Although as Detective Inspector Sam points out, that “Nun” ensures they have the highest clean-up rate in the county.

“Miranda Raison joins the cast as Ruth Penny, a hard-nosed investigative journalist and editor of the Albion Bugle. Ami Metcalf will play the role of Peggy Button, the young, unshakeable police constable.”

The ten 45-minute episodes will premiere in the US exclusively on BritBox on Tuesday 8th February.

Sister Boniface Mysteries begins in the UK at 9pm on Friday 11th March on free-to-air channel Drama, and on-demand service UKTV Play.

Based on the stories by GK Chesterton, Father Brown returned for a ninth season earlier this month.

Watch the trailer here:


Sister Boniface Mysteries executive producer Will Trotter said last year: “Sister Boniface is an eccentric, charming, witty crime-solver with a forensic eye for detail. With the series set in the fabulous 1960’s bucolic English countryside, it’s a family viewing treat.”

Head of BritBox North America, Emily Powers added: “We’ve been looking forward to this at BritBox since we first read the script and are excited to share it with our BritBox community, especially fans of Father Brown.

“Lorna brings Sister Boniface to life in such a charismatic way, we know her delightful performance will be enjoyed by all.”

Father Brown is available on DVD on Amazon.