5 story hints for ‘Victoria’ Season 2 Episode 5: ‘Entente Cordiale’

ITV has released official story details for the next episode of Victoria.

Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who) and Tom Hughes (The Game) are back as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in eight new episodes, followed by a feature-length special at Christmas.

Titled ‘Entente Cordiale’, the fifth episode of Season 2 will air at 9pm on Sunday 24 September on ITV in the UK.

Here are some hints at what’s coming up in the episode:


1. Concerned that the pending marriage of King Louis Philippe of France’s son to the Spanish Queen will form a dangerous alliance, Victoria sets sail on her first voyage to the continent in an attempt to deter the wily French King.

2. Accompanied by royals and servants alike, Victoria quickly realises that she will need to have her wits about her if she is to make the charming – but not altogether trustworthy – Louis Philippe take her seriously as a Queen. 

3. Turning to Albert for support, she finds him distant. Unknown to her, he’s still reeling from the traumatic revelation about his parentage, and driven to despair by the debauchery and scandal of the French Court.

4. Left to take on Louis Philippe alone, does Victoria have what it takes as an international leader to finally outsmart him?

5. And will Albert overcome his horror at the decadence around him, and learn to trust Victoria with his secrets?


The first season of Victoria is available now on DVD.

Season 2 will air in the US from Sunday January 14, 2018 on Masterpiece on PBS.