5 story hints for ‘Victoria’ Season 2 Episode 7: ‘The King Over The Water’

ITV has released official story details for the next episode of Victoria.

Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who) and Tom Hughes (The Game) are back as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in eight new episodes, followed by a feature-length special at Christmas.

Titled ‘The King Over The Water’, the seventh episode of Season 2 will air at 9pm on Sunday 8 October on ITV in the UK.

Here are some hints at what’s coming up in the episode:


1. Feeling suffocated after a repeated assassination attempt leads to increased security at the Palace, Victoria seeks escape to the land she fantasised about as a child: the Scottish Highlands.

2. However, it isn’t the romantic retreat she has read about in her Walter Scott novels, and she begins to realise that, wherever she is in the world, she can’t escape the fact that she is Queen.

3. When a day out takes an unexpected turn, Victoria finally gets the anonymity she wished for.

4. Albert enjoys being able to play the role of a traditional husband for the first time.

5. Hidden away from normal Palace life, the entire court – servants and royals alike – find secrets and romance bubbling up to the surface on a liberating midsummer’s night.


The first season of Victoria is available now on DVD.

Season 2 will air in the US from Sunday January 14, 2018 on Masterpiece on PBS.