Preview trailer for the new Kate Winslet film about war photographer Lee Miller

Sky has shared a preview trailer of its upcoming biopic about American war correspondent and photographer Lee Miller. 

Who was Lee Miller?

Academy award-winning actor Kate Winslett will play the role of Miller (1907-1977), a former model who worked as a reporter and photographer for British Vogue during World War II. She was one of the few female photographers permitted to accompany the US Allied forces in Europe in the last two years of the war. 

This role enabled her to document the brutal reality of the Nazi regime and her photographs captured some of the most harrowing images of WWII. She was present during the Allied liberation of the concentration camps in Dachau and Buchenwald. Her experiences there took a severe emotional toll and she rarely talked about them in later years. 

Who else has been cast?

The supporting cast includes Andy Samberg as Life Magazine photographer David E. Scherman; Alexander Skarsgård as her painter, photographer, poet and biographer husband Roland Penrose; Marion Cotillard as Solange D’Ayen, Miller’s close friend and fashion director of French Vogue: Josh O’Connor as Tony, a young journalist and Andrea Riseborough as British Vogue Editor Audrey Withers.

LEE is the directorial debut from acclaimed cinematographer Ellen Kuras. It was produced by Kate Solomon and Kate Winslet, with Troy Lum, Andrew Mason, Marie Savare, and Lauren Hantz.  The screenplay was written by Liz Hannah, Lem Dobbs, John Collee, and Marion Hume and is based on “The Lives of Lee Miller” by Antony Penrose who also consulted on the production. 

Watch the trailer here: 

When can we watch it?

LEE will premiere in UK & Irish cinemas from 13 September 2024 and is coming to Sky Cinema later in 2024.