‘The Crown’ star will play Charles Manson in new movie

The makers of American Psycho have bagged a star of The Crown for a new movie about the aftermath of the Charles Manson family murders.

Doctor Who actor Matt Smith, who currently plays Prince Philip in the Netlix’s hit Royal Family drama, is in talks to star as Manson in The Family.

The movie will see former punk rock journalist Mary Harron, who directed and co-wrote American Psycho, teaming up again with writer Guinevere Turner to adapt 1971’s best-selling Charles Manson novel by Ed Sanders.

Hannon commented: “Guinevere Turner’s script was a revelation. The story has been told many times before but never from this perspective or with such insight.”

The book The Long Prison Journey Of Leslie van Houten: Life Beyond The Cult will also be incorporated into the script.

The Family will reportedly centre on graduate student Karlene Faith, who worked with three of young women in the Manson Family cult after the late 60s murder spree that took the lives of nine people, including actress Sharon Tate. Manson’s followers committed the killings on the cult leader’s orders after being brainwashed.

The second season of The Crown launched on Netflix last month and there are plans for The Crown to run for a total of six seasons, albeit with some major cast changes along the way.