‘The Durrells’ soundtrack album is out now, featuring music from the show

The music from The Durrells is now available to buy.

Based upon Gerald Durrell’s classic trilogy of Corfu memoirs, ITV’s 1930s family period drama launched in 2016 and the final season aired earlier this year.

A new album featuring Jon Wygens and Ruth Barrett’s original music from the show, with performances from The San Giacomo Corfu Choir and The Corfu Children’s Choir, is out now.

The Durrells: Music from the Series can be purchased on CD on Amazon here.

You can also download the MP3 or stream the album for free with Amazon Prime.

The track listing for The Durrells: Music from the Series is as follows:

1. The Durrells – The San Giacomo Corfu Choir
2. How to Be Greek
3. Going to Be… Wonderful
4. Bad Timing
5. Swimming
6. Gerry and the Animals
7. Jealous Wife
8. Fireman
9. Margo Swims
10. Louisa and Spiro
11. Birds & Bees
12. Birdwatching
13. Beautiful Italians
14. Today’s the Day
15. Louisa and Sven
16. Fire Breathing
17. Pera Stous Pera Kampous – The Corfu Children’s Choir
18. Pera Stous Pera Kampous
19. Louisa Breaks Down
20. Searching for Vangelatos
21. Aspro Harti E Zoe (End Titles Theme)
22. Thymomenos Mou Irthes Apopse – Areti Bartaki & The Corfu Children’s Choir

The Durrells star Josh O’Connor, who played Larry, has hinted that the series could return at some point.

The actor will be back on our screens soon in the next season of The Crown, playing the young Prince Charles.

The Durrells: Music from the Series is available on Amazon.