‘The Durrells’ sequel series could follow the family back in England

The creator of The Durrells has hinted at what a possible follow-up could entail.

Based upon Gerald Durrell’s classic trilogy of Corfu memoirs, ITV’s 1930s family period drama began in 2016 and its final season aired in 2019.

The show’s executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle previously revealed that the production team had “been down to Bournemouth to meet [Gerald Durrell’s] granddaughter” as part of discussions about a The Durrells sequel series.

She also confirmed that the show’s creator Simon Nye was already “starting to work on it.”

Discussing the possibility of continuing the family’s story into the war and beyond.

Nye told Radio Times: “I don’t want to use the word mythology, but there is a whole mythology about the Durrells and they have a fantastic draw.”

He said that he’s fascinated by what happened when the Durrells (aside from Larry) all settled again in Bournemouth in England following World War II “and the gang continued in different forms, with Gerald bringing back animals and kind of an impromptu zoo in the back garden in their house in Bournemouth.”

Nye also admitted that’s not averse to the idea of making up new stories that weren’t in Gerald Durrell’s books.

He explained: “We’re given the freedom partly by the fact that Gerald really pushed reality into semi-fiction in a few places.”

He added: “For really treasured books, obviously you have to be careful about fiddling with the work. But this is a different creature, and as much as I love doing straight adaptations, you don’t get the joys I’ve had with being able to create satisfying storylines.”

Callum Woodhouse, who played Leslie, recently expressed interest in the show coming back for an Easter special.

The Durrells writer Simon Nye and star Keeley Hawes have teamed up again with a new drama for ITV called Finding Alice.

All four seasons of The Durrells are available on DVD on Amazon.